World Cup: FIFA Demands Letter From NFA For Supporters Musical Instruments


Football’s governing body, FIFA, has agreed to allow the  Nigeria Football Supporters Club to bring in its  musical instruments into the stadium in Brazil, provided there is a back-up letter from  Nigeria Football Association (NFA).

Rafiu Oladipo, the President-General of the club, said at a news conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Saturday that the club had consequently forwarded a letter to NFA requesting for the letter.

Oladipo said that the letter must reach FIFA 24 hours ahead of the Nigeria/France second  round match on Monday.

He added that the letter would also cover Nigeria for other matches in case the Super Eagles qualify for the quarter finals.

FIFA said it had not officially denied the club the right of singing, drumming and trumpeting during Nigeria’s matches but that the club had never requested officially.

The supporters had been denied the use of musical instruments in various stadia where the Super Eagles played their Group F preliminary matches, a development the players disliked.

FIFA had insinuated that members of club were likely to use the musical instruments as weapons during Eagles matches.

During Nigeria’s first round matches in Curitiba, Cuiaba and Porto Alegrie, the supporters’  musical instruments were seized at stadium gates but released after each match.

Oladipo said that members of the club were never known for violence and pledged not to allow them use the instruments as weapons during Nigeria’s matches.

He expressed confidence that Super Eagles would defeat France in the next round as Nigeria had beaten France before.

He, however, continued to solicit the support of Nigerians at home for the team, saying it was their prayers that had helped the team progress in the competition