Wike’s Aide Tackles IGP Abubakar

Wike’s Aide Tackles IGP Abubakar
….Says police boss is the worst in the world
The Special Adviser to the Rives State Governor, on Media, Simeon Nwakaudubhas described the Inspector General as the worst police boss in the world.
Nwakaudu, who is Governor WIKE’S SA.Media on Electronics, in a statement the released on Tuesday, quoted the  2016 World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI), to back up his claims that the Nigeria Police under the leadership of Ibrahim Idris is the worst in the world.
He also alleged that the police in the country.  “”has  become  the shame of a great nation. An agency horribly  notorious for crime, indecency , lawlessness  and barefaced robbery.
The statement state’s further “”the Nigeria Police has become the headquarters of anti-people volcanic eruption of terror on a daily under the ill-guidance of Ibrahim Idris as Inspector General of Police.
“”This is expected.  Idris became IGP strictly on the 2015 APC election reward agenda. He superintended over the 1.9million curious  votes in Kano State and the unexplained massacre of the family of the Resident Electoral Commissioner.
“”Remember, over 25 Policemen were on guard at the home of the Resident Electoral Commissioner, when he was killed in highly  questionable circumstances.  IGP Idris emerged  and the police descended  into the pit of extreme retrogression.
He stated also stated that Governor WIKE’S was in possession of a signal  that was sent to IGP Idris by the IGP ‘ X’ Squad , VB which indicted the Special Anti-robbery Squad in the state.
“The Official Police Signal with the title: “Police Wireless Message ” and Reference Number DT0: 121030/09/2017 —INGENPOL-X-FHQ ABUJA TO-INGENPOL SEC ABUJA, noted that the  squad received a distress call on the kidnap of Mr Ifeanyi and immediately swung into action.
According to the signal, they met the three SARS operatives robbing and a gun duel ensued. The operatives had taken Mr Ifeanyi to a Fidelity Bank ATM where they compelled him to withdraw the ransom “
As Chief Security Officer (Governor Wike prefers Chief Logistics Officer because  of his actual roles), Governor Wike had access to this official signal and resolved to help the country resolve the SARs criminality.  Rather than act, IGP Idris, dismissed it as nonsense and refused to reform the killer squad.
IGP Idris cannot reform SARS, because the IGP lacks the capacity  for lawful conduct.  If this IGP is reasonable, the very first action would  have been to sanction Akin Fakorede caught on camera robbing election  result sheets at the Rivers East Senatorial District Collation Centre.  Instead, he sacked  the six policemen who  accompanied  the Rivers State Governor to protect the integrity of the ballot.
Nwakaudu, enjoined president Buhari and the Senate to put pressure to bear on the IGP to do the needful.
Warning on the site consequences if Nigerians are pushed to the wall and have to resort to self help, to protect themselves.
“”The pressure on President Muhammadu  Buhari  should be intense and consistent.  The President must do the needful inspite of the political advantage he enjoys keeping IGP Idris and Akin Fakorede.
” The National Assembly  should wake up and assist the President make up his mind, the way they did in the case of the criminal withdrawal of the Security details of the Anambra State Governor by the IGP.
” This SARs criminality must  not be allowed to degenerate to the extent that Nigerians  will resort to self help”.