W’Bank Group, Exxon, Chevron Top‎ 2016 Employer of Choice Ranking

W’Bank Group, Exxon, Chevron Top‎ 2016 Employer of Choice Ranking
The World Bank Group,‎ Exxon Mobil and Chevron came top in this year’s  “Employer of Choice” ranking‎ in a survey by African Business magazine.
The ranking, according to a statement, was based on a range of criteria, identified as “attraction drivers”, which rank companies and institutions from the perspective of employees – both in terms of what they offer and how they are perceived in terms of the best places to work in Africa.
The survey involved over 20,000 graduates and employee-respondents, a collaboration among African Business magazine, recruitment and career specialists Careers in Africa and global HR consultants Willis Towers Watson.
Based on 100 questions, the employee-centred global ranking provides a quantitative analysis of what makes a great employer – from popularity to ‘choosability’.
Explaining this year’s outcome, Sarah Roe, co-founder of the Global Career Company and an African recruitment specialist, explained that “making an impact” was a key attraction driver for prospective employees. In essence, the number one retention driver for African talent is more about “buying into really good leadership, belief in the business and really feeling that they’re part of something worthwhile”.
Since the launch of GCC, she noted, there have been significant changes, most notably in the reverse brain drain and in greater demand for pan-African experience.  Work-life balance and social impact is just as important now as financial reward.
Also, Julie Essiam, Ecobank’s Group Head of human resources and Corporate Affairs, in a chat with the magazine spoke on how her bank manages its 20,000 plus talent pool.
Central to Ecobank’s Employer Value Proposition, she noted, is the desire to make a critical contribution to transforming Africa. One of her main challenges as head of HR is developing leadership skills.
“We are building leadership capability right from the beginning of the talent pipeline all the way to the end. We feel that this is a key enabler to transformation,” she added.
Ensuring that potential recruits share this value proposition is a central aspect of the bank’s recruitment process, she stressed, expressing confidence that this culture is permeating the whole organisation and it is, she believes, one of the key reasons that candidates choose to work for Ecobank.
She adds that HR should be central to any company that wants to grow and make an impact, and that it is much more than overseeing quotas or setting salary bands.
“Ecobank is putting HR at the centre of its strategy. This strategy was formed to lead the transformation of Africa and to support the vision from the top down, impacting economic and social development,” Essiam added.