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Switching From Secular To Gospel Music Was From Struggling To Abundance–Abah

Once known by the stage name, Pinky, Emmanuel Abah made a dramatic switch from secular to Gospel music a few years ago. In this chat, the singer/songwriter of urbane gospel worship songs and founder, Lekki Worship Centre, tells THEPOST how the transition has translated to outstanding fulfillment and happiness for him, among other issues.

Why the switch to gospel music?

This question is just right. To answer it I would say I have been doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason. But now I am doing the right thing for the right reason and that is my father’s work. I am now singing to glorify Jesus which is why I was created in the first place and also I am singing because I am a vessel of honor for God’s use to win lost souls to heaven. Before now, I sang for fame and fortune but now I know better.

How has it been singing gospel?

It has been great. I feel complete. I am fulfilled. The Bible was right as always when it said ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other thing will be added unto you.’

Before, mine was a life of endless struggles and setbacks, but now I am swimming in abundance. The gift of life, a pretty and caring wife, great children, good house in a great neighbourhood, wonderful friends, good businesses, great health… In fact, the list is endless. Everything I need just simply comes to me.

What is the status of Gospel music in Nigeria?

Gospel music is doing great in Nigeria, just as anywhere else in the world. It brings hope and it’s a quick reminder of God’s love for us; faithfulness, promises and covenant with humanity. More people attend Gospel concerts now than the regular shows where only immoralities are promoted. We Nigerians know better now. Have you been to these annual Gospel concert organized by House on the rock (The Experience)? How about praise jams? They are awesome and I love it.

What’s the link between gospel singing and your life?

I won’t call it a link like you just did; it’s my life. Like David was born to disgrace Goliath, Moses was saved to liberate the Israelites from the oppression in Egypt, like Solomon to be the wisest of men so I was created to extol the name of Jesus with my voice, to shine the light in the darkest corners of man’s hearth with songs of worship.

What and who has been the biggest positive influence on you since the switch?

Don Moen has always been and still is a great inspiration to my life as a whole, Nathaniel Bassey, Fred Hammond, Solomon Lange and many others.

Candidly, what do you miss about circular music?

Nothing! Nothing at all. I sleep better now; I travel more now. People respect me more now. All my dirty habits and lifestyle are way behind me now. They are dead and buried for good. I no longer try to impress anybody. My life is just simple and easy going. No more owing club owners for drinks or avoiding calls because of debtors, no more fighting at home because of calls from ladies, no more waking up with bad breath due to smoking. In fact, life is better on this side.

Which songs do you have now? What is the motivation behind them?

Wonderful God! Last year when my wife was in American to have my son Aaron, I always listened to this particular song by Sinach (“You are the same, yesterday today forever, nobody is like you. you never change, yesterday today forever, nobody is like you) prayerfully and one evening wonderful God just came like a flood, and I wrote it down. Now I listen to the song and I can’t stop thanking God. He’s awesome, every single word in that song is my testimony.

What are your plans for the next one year and beyond?

I have no plans of my own, He (God) leads and I follow. Right now I am recording a song with Chris Shalom producing it and I am hoping my full album would be in stores and changing lives (soon). I am also hoping to do songs with Nathaniel Bassey, Don Moen, Solomon Lange, Chris Shalom, Joe Praise, Steve Crown, Frank Edward and Sinach. He is leading, I am only following.

What’s the link between the current leadership crisis in Nigeria and Christianity?

Do you read the Bible? Have you read the story of King Ahab and Prophet Elijah? Christianity is not just preaching in the church, it goes beyond that. The meaning of the name Christian is ‘Christ Like’. When Jesus was here on earth, the Bible recorded that everywhere He went, He was doing good. So Christianity should be the coming together of a people known for doing good. Elijah stood up for the people Because King Ahab was a bad leader. Ahab tried to compromise him yet he stood his ground. He sought to kill him yet he stood for the right thing.

I heard a story about the current President of Paraguay… how he donates all his earnings to the needy and lives a simple free life. Today in Nigeria, a lot of churches shouldn’t be standing as houses of God, because what the people carry home as sermons are not from Christ and that is just why we are in all these crises today. Greed is the order of the day here in Nigeria. Everybody just wants to gather something for their children and so on, but forgetting that the air we breathe isn’t ours and the maker could take it anytime he chooses. We Christians must live the life worthy to be called Christians instead of telling church members to kill none Christians and threatening to cause havoc in the land. God chose us as Christians for a reason; we are a peculiar people, a royal priesthood holy nation. If all the Christians in Government, public and private offices would behave like true Christians would, this country will experience a great turn around.

Are Christians in Nigeria really living up to expectations?

No. We are not and that is why a US Dollar is equal to N540 today. Psalm 1:1-3 is the definition of the life of a Christian. Verse 4 is the definition of the life of a non-christain. The Bible further says that the ways of a transgressor is hard. Still the Bible says righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any nation. So, where we were and where we are now can clearly tell us where we stand with God and interestingly, the only way is when we truly turn from our wicked ways and ask God for forgiveness. The lord says in the Bible that, “if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from there wicked ways, then I will look down from heaven…and heal their land.”

Simi’s Rising Profile

The saying that old wine tastes better seems to apply to popular singer and songwriter, Simisola Ogunleye, popularly known as Simi. Though Simi is in her20’s, she is making giant strides in her career.

Her efforts have paid off as she is now signed on to telecom giant, Etisalat. It has also been observed that as Simi’s music is gaining grounds, she is becoming prettier. It has been said that her successes is attributed to her ability to key into her strength which is her vocal power. And, she is sure making good use of it.

For instance, she re-sang the popular Coca-Cola song and her own is now being preferred. We would not be surprised if, Simi who started out as a gospel singer with an album, ‘Ogaju’ in 2006, gets a Coke endorsement very soon.

Ernest Asuzu Bags Award

Despite challenges with his health for over a long time, top actor, Ernest Asuzu is still gaining recognition for his efforts in the motion picture industry.

Asuzu, who has added music to his career, last week, bagged an award as ‘Best Veteran Actor in Lead Roles’ by Pointline Television.

He is currently focused on completing his album.

Congrats el-cream!

I once gave up on music, but I’m back for good –KenZ

United State of America-based Nigerian born singer, Kennedy Matthews, aka KenZ, finally broke his silence, long after giving up on his musical career.

The singer who is ready to make a comeback in few days, revealed that work and family were the major reasons he dropped out of the game, adding that few things made him change his mind for good.

On why it took him time to announce the release of his next singles, he said: “I really don’t know… but there was a time I gave up on music, got caught up with Work and family”

Speaking further, he said a post on Instagram made him change his mind and he now understands that there’s no reason for him to give up on his dreams.

“I read a post on IG, two people were digging for gold, one didn’t have to dig far into the ground before he got to his gold. But the other guy kept digging but gave up when he had few inches more to his gold.

And I read an article basically saying don’t give up on your passion no matter how hard it seems and so on.

“I decided to start putting out all the songs I’ve recorded no matter how bad they are, there’s someone out there that will like them, and that one someone is good enough” he said.

Kenz’s will be marking his comeback with the release of two singles, ‘BomBom’ and ‘Medulla.’

I Can’t Play Intimate Roles Now Because of My Age – Nwaizuzu

She is young and beautiful and she is living her dream of being an actress. The story of Chinyere Nwaizuzu can be likened to big names in Nollywood today who started off as either child actors or TV presenters. She is always happy to be on television.

In fact, she began her budding career some years back when she was a presenter of an educative television program, ‘Funbus’ on NTA-ETV, while also dreaming to become an actress someday. And now, she has featured in two blockbuster movies “The Battle of Udemaeze” and “Teaser.” To her, ‘Teaser’ is more challenging because, “in the movie shot by popular movie director, Chima Okoroji, I had a role of a daughter who was deeply in love with her own biological father, so the role was quite difficult to interpret. The story is about a father who loves his daughter genuinely but his daughter mistook her father’s love for lust and she reciprocated in return. The experience was wonderful. I learnt and observed a whole lot of things I have no idea of before,” said Nwaizuzu.

On who her role model in the industry is, she has this to say; “She is none other than Mercy Johnson. She is simply amazing! There is no role that she doesn’t handle properly. She is black, beautiful and down-to-earth.”

Done with her secondary school education, the fair complexioned thespian who is assiduously working towards furthering her education at the tertiary level revealed that her parents were indecisive initially about her going into acting, but she now has their blessing.

The pretty up-and-coming star who loves listening to music and travelling also explains how she wards off advances from boys/men; “I am young and beautiful and I appreciate the love and support but on the other hand, I am not ready for such advances though I’m on cool terms with my fans. I cannot get into any relationship now because I have not commenced my university education and I really need to be focused.”

Asked what role she cannot play in a movie, she said; “Well because of my age, I cannot play intimate roles. Besides, I’m not yet experienced to play deep intimate roles. I’m quite young.”

By her calculations, Nwaizuzu in the next five years, she would have been through with university and become more focused to do more exploits with her talent.

O’jez, Miatta Fahnbulleh, Jimi Solanke To Revive ‘Elders’ Forum’

The wedlock between O’jez Entertainment and Evergreen Musical Company has given birth to a reinvigorated “Elders’ Forum,” the once very popular monthly highlife music show that was also used as a medium to recognize and honour individuals who have distinguished themselves in the arts and music industry.

So come this Sunday, February 26, all roads will lead to celebrity restaurant, O’jez, inside the National Stadium, Surulere-Lagos where the forum would open in a grand style, attended by Liberian International singer, Miatta Fahnbulleh alongside Nigeria’s acclaimed folklorist, playwright and actor- Jimi Solanke.

Time is 5pm.

The Elders’ Forum, according to Chief Joseph Odobeatu, Chief Executive Officer of O’jez Entertainment Group, was rested for about three years to enable it return in a different shape and style.

“We had to go back to the drawing board and work out a way to make the every last Sunday of the month event that rocked Lagos for almost 15 years look fresher and better. So, O’jez went into a partnership with Evergreen Musical Company to make this happen. What you will witness on Sunday is a sharp departure from the past editions because we will strive to reinvent ourselves,” Odobeatu said.

Meanwhile, Miatta Fanhbulleh has been reharsing with Jimi Solanke to be on stage for the better part of Sthe unday event.

Socialite Set To Wed Daughter Of APGA’s Chairman photos)

Awka, the capital city of Anambra State is already in frenzy over the  nuptial of Lagos-based business tycoon and socialite, Andrew Onyeka Amaechi and his beau, Chinenye Barbra Oye, daughter of Ozonkpu Chief Dr. Victor Ike Oye, national chairman of APGA, a leading political party in the eastern part of Nigeria founded by the late Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu.

Ameachi, a real estate developer, who hails from Ahiazu Mbaise in Imo State is chief executive of Bherat Nig Limited, is a renowned philanthropist and owner of a fast rising music label, Curtis Music Entertainment. He was last year recognized as Imo State’s Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year. He is a renowned philanthropist in the state, who has been uplifting lives of his people.

Their much talked about traditional wedding is expected to attract social and political heavyweights from around the country.

Shock as Robbers Break into Actress Car

Fast rising actress, Genny Uzoma on Monday morning got the shock of her life when her blue SUV was broken into. But luckily, the intruders got almost nothing.

She recounted her experience on Facebook, where she also posted the picture of her damaged car.

According to Genny, “So this happened to me yesterday morning. My car was broken into… I guess I was numb and also didn’t want any sympathy online or otherwise… didnt put it up. I just told family. People gathered at the scene… I removed most of the (shattered) glasses, and asked where I could fix it… Oyingbo (Lagos Mainland) was mentioned…I quietly asked for direction, drove there and fixed it and went about my meeting as if nothing happened.

“Luckily for me they (the invaders) got away with almost nothing.

Perhaps a younger me would have been much more dramatic… I’m grown enough to know that threatening fire and brimstone wouldn’t bring the culprits before me to whip them thoroughly as i would have loved to.

“Well now, I’ve gotten over the shock enough to speak out

“What exactly is the country turning into? Breaking into cars, breaking pigeon holes to steal money… trying to steal car batteries to sell for how much?

“How very pathetic! I suppose this is the recession. This is super crazy man.”