Still on Tontoh Dikeh

Still on Tontoh Dikeh

A statement that Tontoh Dikeh only removed her surname from her social media pages on grounds of business seems not enough as it were to assuage critical minds about a possible crack in her marriage.

Tontoh who has been at the receiving end on the issue has not made it easy just as her husband- Oladunni Churchil has not helped matters however.

Not even the fact that Oladunni’s alleged mistress, Rosaline Meurer, has come out to clear the air about her rumoured relationship with Chuchill.

She swears to high heavens about her innocence and that Churchill is only a big brother to her, having assisted her in no small measure in her life.

Meurer wonders why her name is being associated with such wicked rumour.

In another development, some there are those who argue that “what goes around comes around,” in such matters. Whatever that means!