I Still Stand With Buhari, But…- Jubrin Clarifies

I Still Stand With Buhari, But…- Jubrin Clarifies

*Wishes Speaker Dogara Happy Birthday


Following his statement urging President Mohammadu Buhari to resign if he, having become captive of power, cannot resist blackmail and for mingling with corrupt politicians and thereby compromising the ongoing anti-corruption war, Abdulmumin Jibrin, former Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriation, on Tuesday stressed the need to continue to speaking out to help ensure government never loses focus.

Clarifying his boxing day comments, which may have been misconstrued to mean he has fallen out with the President, Jibrin explained in a tweet on Tuesday that he is still standing firmly with President Buhari.

However, he added, “we shall continue to speak out where we should to help him navigate.”

Jibrin had in a series of tweets posted on Boxing Day, asked President Muhammadu Buhari to resign, if he cannot resist blackmail, just as he accused him of acting as if he needs the permission of some “political overlords”, before he does his job.

He also alleged Buhari was playing into the hands of those who do not mean well for him and his administration.

Seemingly disappointed, Jibrin, who is used to a lengthy series of tweets, stressed: “As a President, once you succumb to blackmail by individual, group or institution, you are finished and your presidency certified lame duck!”

He had urged the President to “repel blackmail with all his arsenals or give up the presidency. You cannot be an effective President while in hostage!”

Meanwhile, the embattled former committee chairman, however on Tuesday, congratulated his long-drawn enemy and Speaker of the House of Representatives- Yakubu Dogara, wishing him “a happy 49th birthday and many prosperous years ahead …God’s guidance and blessings.”
He also called on his former colleagues in the National Assembly not to refuse or delay President Buhari’s request for $30 billion loan to help lift the country out of recession.

For him, it is unfair to refuse or delay approval and “then turn around to blame the government for low budget implementation.