Still on Mimi Orjiekwe’s Child Paternity

Still on Mimi Orjiekwe’s Child Paternity

After her grand wedding to a fellow actor, Charles Billion, Mimi Orjiekwe was quietly savouring the bliss of her marriage until sometime in December when it was rumoured that her wedding had been in crisis two months after the wedding ceremony.

And information had it that they have been on and off until now that it is trending everywhere that the baby of the heavily pregnant Mimi does not belong to Charles Billion.

She too did not help matters when she said in a recent telephone chat with ThePunch: “I know my husband and I know the father of my child.”

Does she mean the husband is different from the father of her child?

Already, the social media is awash with the story of the fact that though she is from a well to do home, her expensive lifestyle cannot be from family source alone.

Na dem sabi o.