South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday (September 5) condemned a recent wave of deadly riots and xenophobic attacks across the Gauteng province.

Speaking in a televised address, Ramaphosa said there was no excuse for the attacks on the homes and businesses of foreign nationals.

“Just as there can be no excuse whatsoever for xenophobia or any form of intolerance,” he added.

South Africa vowed to tackle the prejudice fuelling xenophobic attacks, as international anger over the violence overshadowed a pan-African economic conference in Cape Town.

The riots began eight days ago in Pretoria before spreading to nearby Johannesburg. Both cities, in Gauteng province, have large immigrant populations.

The attacks have led to foreign-owned businesses being looted and burned, cars being destroyed, and immigrants being targeted.

Ramaphosa said that at least ten people had been killed during the past week, of whom two were foreigners.

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