Sometimes, I Forget my Wife isn’t Nigerian – Ogbonna

Sometimes, I Forget my Wife isn’t Nigerian – Ogbonna

Handsome actor, IK Ogbonna has revealed what attracted him to his Vietnamese wife, Sonia Morales.

For him, her looks, shape and brain were factors he just could not overlook as determinants of his eventual decision to marry his jewel of inestimable value.

Hear him: “Honestly, I never sat down to think of how I wanted my wife to look like. I only knew that I wanted to marry a pretty woman with a wonderful heart. I wanted a wife who would support my dreams, pray for me, and be understanding as regards my career.

“I’m happy my wife has these qualities, and even more. I’m not one of those people that mull over where you come from before dating or marrying you. Sometimes, I even forget that my wife is not a Nigerian. She has fallen in love with where I come from, and she is constantly trying to adapt to my culture.


“I respect my wife a lot, because she makes a conscious effort to relate with my people. As at four years ago, she could not even speak English, but she had to learn. She’s a sensible lady, and now she can speak many of our Nigerian slangs. I converse with her in Igbo language and even though she may not be a fluent speaker now, she understands whatever I say.”