Second Tenure Declaration: Buhari is pushing his luck too far, says ex-guber candidate

Second Tenure Declaration: Buhari is pushing his luck too far,  says ex-guber candidate


Hon. Tracy Ebun Agol, the governorship flagbearer of the People’s Party of Nigeria(PPN) in Edo State during  the governorship poll of 2016, has admonished President Muhammadu Buhari on his desire to contest for a second tenure in office in 2019 saying he is pushing his luck too far and doesn’t mean well for Nigerians.

She advised the septeganarian to honourably quit office in the light of his advanced age coupled with the horde of infractions he has been associated with since he came on board.

In her view a second coming of President Buhari in 2019 would spell calamity for Nigerians.

“For President Muhammadu to talk of coming back for a second term, I think he does not mean well for Nigerians.

“I will advise him to go home and rest, because he does not even know what is happening in this country, and the people that are surrounding him are sycophants.

“They are not telling him the truth. Let us assume that he has good intention for this country. But you and I know with the recent happenings in this country, that Buhari does not care who dies or who is alive.

“The kind of leader who goes to London and begins to tell stories about other people rather than saying things that would help him build up the country,” she posited.

Hon. Agol described the conduct of local councils polls by states electoral commissions as fraught with irregularities and as such a sham.

“I’m not in support of state electoral board conducting local government polls. I would like INEC to oversee state elections because of what is happening in all the states of the federation.

“From what we have seen so far, there is no level playing ground for other politicians. Look at what happened in Edo State before and during the local government  election. They took decision about the election without hearing or notifying other stakeholders.

“Other parties that took part in the election did so not because they believe in the cause. It was not something to write home about,” she enthused.