How The Sea God, Ogieve, Manifest Power In My Palace – Prince Eweka

Prince Tony Eweka is a man blessed with spiritual powers by virtue of the sea god, Ogieve, which manifest some mysterious happenings within his palace(which is best described as a Holy Ground). In this interview with ISAAC OLAMIKAN the Chief Priest revealed some things about his palace and the manifestations of the power of Ogieve therein.


Sir, may we meet you?

I’m Prince Tony Eweka, son of the former Oba of the great Benin Kingdom. This place that I built my palace was given to me by the Benin Monarch, His Royal Majesty Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Oba Erediauwa of blessed memory. Since 2006 I have been living in this place, the most surprising thing to me is that I never knew that this place is a Holy ground. Since 2006, I have experienced many mysterious things happening here in my palace which of course is beyond human comprehension.

Can you tell us more about some of the mysterious things that has taken place in this palace?

Like I said before, it is a mystery to me but I can remember few of the things that has happened to me in this place. This palace is a point of convergence where all world past Kings and Queens meet. Each time they come to this palace to meet, they speak to me on things about to happen around the world. They speak language that I alone understand. Again I see physical human beings all in white dresses seating in my palace, talking about very serious world issues. After their discussions they will communicate it to me through letters type written in block letters.  One early morning, I wake up to discover that there is a pond in my palace and that is the channel through which they send the letters to me. And inside that pond is mystery water that never gets dried. Again all the things you see me put on are brought for me from that porch, They supply all my creams. They give me a cross with the image of Jesus Christ, give me anointing Oil of various sizes, Chaplets etc, They have also given one to my wife. In fact I have received gift items that I cannot really explain.
You can read some of the letters that has to do with public matters, because there are some of them that are purely secret to me which nobody is permitted to read. During the last election in the country, they wrote to me telling me some few secrets and every thing they told me came to pass. It might interest you to know that somebody that will become the next governor of Edo State has been revealed to me through letters. And I do not want to reveal it until it is time for me to speak. Do you know that I have been instructed to be ready to work for the Oba of Benin and for Edo State Governor the elders also told me they are interested in the development of the Gelegele Seaport.

What is the work of the mystery water in your palace?

It is very Biblical. It is a healing water and there is nothing that is attached to it. Anybody that is sick goes there to take the water either he or she drinks it or uses it to bath with it for cleansing. I do not take one kobo from anybody because Almighty God that gave me the power did not say that I should collect money from anyone. For instance, my own mother was sick, almost at the point of death, there was no hospital that she did not go to. One night, a man dressed in white appeared to me saying “do you want your mother to die when you have water that can heal her.” So my mother went to the pond. Getting there she took a half glass of the water and drank. The next day they started to bring all kinds of medications for her with instructions on them. Today, I’m happy to tell you that my mother is younger than a 50 years old woman. Do you also know that many people from various religious backgrounds do visit here for power? But I refused to attend to them because what God has given to me is not for sale and I do not want to abuse the privilege given to me. This palace is a place where many mysterious things are happening, and people have to come here to see for themselves. I have also experienced sudden water falls on four different occasions in this palace, I was seating outside my palace when I saw water from the sky showering on me in the hard dry season. It happened to me three times and I told my wife about it. But she did not believe until one evening when both of us were seating together outside when suddenly water from nowhere started to fall on us, we were socked to our pants. This mystery thing does not last more than two minutes. So it is a sign of authority and power from the Almighty God to me.

What can you say about Ogievie festival and its significance to the people of Edo?

Ogievie festival started some years ago. It is a period of closeness to God and also our ancestors. The festival offers me and my people the opportunity to thank God Almighty and the ancestors for the spiritual gifts and favour we received throughout the year.  We have experienced countless number of miracles. Such things as healing of terminal sickness; the barren being blessed with healthy children; cure for different kinds of illness and diseases; ancestral causes been broken in this place. I must give credit to God Almighty and the ancestors who through Ogievie – a sea god of riches – have made all these miracles to manifest. I personally want to thank His Royal Majesty, Omo N’Oba N’Edo, Uku Akpolopolo, Oba Ewuare 11, the Ogidigan, of Benin Kingdom for his support and guidance. Our main focus at the annual Ugie Ogievie festival is to pray for all mankind so that there can be peace, prosperity and long life. Nobody comes to the Ogievie with tears and leaves with tears. People come here from all parts of the world to receive healing or get blessed. They have told me that more mysterious things will happen in 2018, and there is going to be a slight change in this country. And if there is resistance from those on top now, only God knows what will happen. I want the world to hear this. It has gone beyond human comprehension. Most times the messages and the spiritual ornaments are made manifest at odd hours and unannounced.

Eagles can shock Argentina others- Okosieme
…As ex- Julius Berger player Joseph okoh begins final journey home
By Kehinde Osagiede
Former Super Eagles prolific winger Ndubuisi Okosieme, has expressed confidence that the Nigeria representative at the forthcoming Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup would do the country proud not minding the grouping and the country that is involved.
Okosieme who is currently saddled with the responsibility of taking Dragon football club of Ekpoma a newly promoted division two  side playing in a Nation wide league to its peak, averred that Super Eagles of Nigeria has what it requires to tackle any team in the world as far as the 2018 Mundial is concerned.
“I’m happy with the progress of the national team; I do not want people to underrate the Super Eagles. Nigerians should be talking well of their national team rather than saying negative things about them. As far as the world cup is concerned, I have total confidence in our team, football is not about noise, and it is about action and what you are capable of doing on the pitch of play. Even in my playing days, I have never dreaded any side. Nigeria is not new to Argentina; both countries have met in different occasions, so I do not see Argentina as a big threat to Eagles. If only our boys can show 100% per-cent commitment, they have what it takes to shock any country including the dreaded South America country Argentina.”
He advised the head of the technical crew Gernot Rohr not to be sentimental in his selections adding only active players should be given shirts. “ Gernot Rohr must do Nigerians a favour, that is he must not allow himself to be used by those managing our football in the country, as the overall manager, he should be able to take good decisions that will help him achieve good results. He must ensure that he shun sentiment during selection of players. Shirts should be given to players that are active in their respective clubs abroad. If he gives neither shirts to nor productive players, he would have himself to blame at the end.”
Meanwhile, the remains of the former Julius Berger captain Joseph Akhare Okoh, aka To is To who died mysteriously late last year will be buried on Thursday 11 January at his home town in Uromi Edo State. Also there will be a memorial football match played by all Edo Ex- Internationals to say final goodbye to him.
Until his demise, late Joseph Akhare Okoh was an active member of Bendel Insurance management team and also a member of Edo State All Stars. Okoh died why he was returning from where he went to cheer up his darling team Liver Pool, as he was a die -hard fan of the club.