Saudi Prince Pays $10 Billion For Release

Saudi Prince Pays $10 Billion For Release

Sam Oluwalana (with agency reports)

A Saudi prince who became the first to be released from Saudi King, Mohammed bin Salman’s purge paid a settlement of $10 billion, sources told The New Arab.

Saudi authorities released prince Mutaib al-Saud after what according to sources was an ‘extortionate monetary bribe.’

He did not pay the bribe himself, but his siblings and allies raised the money on his behalf between them and paid his “ransom” for him.

Recently, The Saudi King rounded off some of his siblings and dumped them in jail for unknown infractions.

Some Nigerians, reacting to this development is putting the blame for the purge on the American government, who they blamed for teleguiding the Saudi Monarch, a  move they warned may destroy the oil -rich Middle East country.