Rebasing: American, Nigerian Investors Consider Investments


Some Nigerian and American investors are poised to take advantage of the rebasing of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

A statement from an investment group Kaleiodoscope Business Project LLC Atlanta GA noted that “there are myriad opportunities to invest in the Nigerian market, creating an atmosphere for delegates to meet and interface with potential partners from the private sector and public sector in the United States.”

 Coordinator of the group, Mrs Linda Middleton, stated that a forum for both Nigerian and American investors is being organized with the objective of opening “the window of opportunity for Nigerian business to embrace new innovation and technology that will shape the future and change the conventional way of doing things and creating a strong back bone for economy growth.”

 According to her, “with Nigeria’s natural and human resources empowered, the 26th largest economy in the world coupled with its robust GDP, enormous market potentials, it offers a very attractive business destination for US companies. Nigeria possesses essential ingredient in all economic endeavours.”

 The forum which hopes to leverage on the Nigeria’s recent rebased GDP she said “will enhance the spirit of friendship and cooperation between two countries and further develop mutual trade relations with a view to embrace New Innovation, in line with the objective of present administration of Nigeria.”

 New Innovation and Technology she said “is centred to accelerate economic growth and secure long shared prosperity. Embracing new innovation is the only way to create a prosperous and exclusive economic growth driven by continuous innovation.”

 The 10th annual Kaleiodoscope International Business Forum is organized by Kaleiodoscope Business Project LLC Atlanta GA and Seagles Consulting Group LLC. The event with the theme ‘New Innovation’ is scheduled for Atlanta, United States of America on the 10th-11th July, 2014.

 Among the expected participants are policy markers, World Business Leaders, Investors, Government, Corporate bodies, Executives, Financial institutions, Journalists, Procurement agencies, Security Agencies, information Technology sector and Private sector experts.