PMB’s Vacation: Inter-Faith Organisations Call for Calm,

PMB’s Vacation: Inter-Faith Organisations Call for Calm,

Commend NASS leadership

Chris Steven, Abuja

Religious and Inter-faith Organizations under the auspices of Northern Inter-Faith and Religious Organizations for Peace have sued for calm among Nigerians concerning President Muhammadu Buhari’s vacation.

Speaking at press briefing  held in Jos, Plateau State, Coordinator of the group, Bishop Musa Fomson, also rebuked religious leaders who had joined in the politicisation of the president’s health situation in a bid to create panic and unnecessarily heat up the polity while also praying for their forgiveness from God.

“We are not unaware that there are political and religious leaders that exploited Mr. President’s medical leave to promote hysteria on national level. For this set of people, we intercede on their behalf that God’s mercy shall increase in their lives even as their eyes are opened to the errors of their ways. Our sincere prayer is that the evil they wish on another man is not visited on them”. He said

Speaking further the cleric also described  the act as uncalled for,  adding that it is biblical to pray for our leaders to succeed rather than wish death upon them.

“The politicisation of President Buhari’s health is uncalled for and we condemn it in the strongest terms possible. Because any human can fall ill, what anyone that is genuinely concerned should embark on prayers, not just for health of Mr. President, but for God to strengthen him in implementing the many ongoing reforms that will place Nigeria on the path of greatness”. He said.

The group also commended the leadership of the National Assembly for their visit to the President, hoping that the visit will put an end to the ungodly attempts by disgruntled politicians to make issues out of the President’s health, as according to them, some persons are intent on sowing doubts in the minds of Nigerians about his health status, which they were on the verge of exploiting to cause disaffection across the country.

Meanwhile the religious leaders have expressed their appreciation to Muslims and Christians who they said were being bombarded with disinformation during the period but remained steadfast in religious zeal and citizen patriotism made manifest in their prayers and supplications to God for the President’s quick recovery.

The group enjoined all Nigerians not to relent in their prayer even after the return of President Buhari  stating that our various faiths have helped to make us stronger before the challenges that have come our way in a troubled world.