PDP summons Fayose over collapse of campaign podium


The gubernatorial candidate of the PDP in Ekiti State has been summoned to the headquarters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at Wadata Plaza Abuja over what they referred to as his embarrassing conduct and careless attitude so far in the build-up to the June 21 gubernatorial election in Ekiti State.

The top hierarchy of the PDP, especially the Presidency, was said to have been embarrassed over the unpardonable collapse of Fayose’s podium at Ifaki Ekiti which they said was a result of Fayose’ selfish attitude approach to the campaign. Fayose was alleged to have rejected a better podium provided by the party but preferred to contract it out himself to one of his cronies who did a shoddy job leading to the collapse of the podium with everybody on it going down.

Fayose was also accused of alienating other PDP leaders in Ekiti in crucial decisions concerning the campaign. He has refused to follow the time-table drawn for him by the election committee and has refused to recognize the committee. He has also not funded it since it was inaugurated.
He was said to have diverted funds meant for the campaign to personal use like buying a house in a high-brow area in Abuja.

The lackadaisical attitude of Fayose to the campaign has led the party hierarchy to conclude that Fayose is not keen about winning the June 21 election, but is only after making money for himself and dumping the PDP thereafter as he had always done.

Ekiti party Chair, Mr. Makanjuola Ogundipe is believed to have suffered a severe fracture on his leg which makes him limp in pains.

The former Chairman of Ado Local Government, Mrs. Tosin Aluko, was also unlucky as she sustained a serious injury and her left leg is now wrapped in POP (Plaster of Paris).

The PDP candidate himself, Mr. Ayo Fayose, had a deep cut on his legs from broken pieces of wood Same for his wife, Mrs. Feyi Fayose, who as well sustained a minor injury on her thigh.