Eghosa Ogbebor, the chairman/CEO of EEval Nigeria Limited and Founder Advanced Centre for Peace and Credibility(ACPC) International, a not for profit organization, has stated that “orphans do not need sympathy or empathy,” adding that “what they need is support of love and affection. They need someone who can build confidence in them to dream big.
“They need a platform to harness that hidden talent. They need motivations to achieve great milestones in their life. Above all, they need a home they can call their own with so much love and care.”
Ogbebor spoke last weekend on the occasion of his birthday celebration the sixth of such to be held with children of the Iwinosa Orphanage Home in Benin City.

Going further, he called on the government, if they have not done so, to join the Hague Adoption Convention, an international agreement that safeguards children who are in the international adoption process.
He also used the occasion to launch the One Life Campaign “to support the orphans and vulnerable in the society.”
In his contribution, Barrister President Aigbokhan, Freedom of Information counsel, called on the government to facilitate an enabling environment for organisations that take care of orphans and vulnerable children to be able to access funds that are captured in the budget for such organizations.

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