A group, Ado Integrity group has carpeted the outgoing governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, for his role in alleged ongoing looting of government properties in the state.
The group’s chairman, Dr Sikiru Eniola,in a statement issued at Ado Ekiti yesterday, reacted to a report that the governor and his sides have been auctioning off official cars to his family members and cronies, including their spouses and girlfriends.
The report revealed that aides of the governor sold about 30 luxury vehicles worth over N660 million Naira to themselves at ridiculously low prices.
The highly dependable source that the report quoted also revealed that the vehicles, which are mainly the 2017 editions of Toyota Camry, were purchased by the state government for N22 million Naira each and were allocated to the governor’s close aides, as their official vehicles at the beginning of the year.
According to the aides, their principal is using the vehicles to “settle” them.
Also, the governor and aides were said to be involved in the swapping of other vehicles inside the Government House.
“They sell the cars to the ” highest bidders” among themselves, for as low as N500.000- N700.000.
“In some cases, they even use civil servants to bid for the vehicles and transfer to themselves”, the reports said.
The group advised the incoming administration of Dr. Kayode Fayemi to not only ensure the recovery of all the stolen properties, but also prosecute those involved in the mass looting spree.
The statement reads; “We, members of the Ado Ekiti Integrity group of the National Ado-Ekiti Progressive Union, have issues the same alert to the people of Ekiti and especially the Transition Committee.
“It is despicable that a state Governor who is leaving office is looting government properties. This is the height of impunity and roguery. A proper audit of govt properties should be done immediately after the swearing in of the new governor.
“This is not an issue that can be treated with levity. It is a crime of a notorious dimension and those who are putting their monies into stolen properties should have themselves to blame as they won’t only lose their monies, they shall also be subjected to prosecution”
The report which quoted a Mechanic that was hired for the unholy assignment, said “what they (Governor’s aides) did was to remove the engines of brand new vehicles and swap them with that of old ones and sell them off at ridiculous low prices to themselves.
” They will come to the government house with old models and swap their engines with new ones and drive off with their old vehicles with new engines.
“All the new vehicles, including SUVs (Jeeps), Luxury cars that were not auctioned off and other vehicles, you see inside the Government House now, are carcasses and they will break down within weeks.

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