Ogbebor Replies Danjuma’s Diatribe On Herdsmen’s Attacks

Ogbebor Replies Danjuma’s Diatribe On Herdsmen’s Attacks
Colonel Paul Ogbebor,  a retired military officer,  has cautioned General  Theophilus Danjuma, over his recent diatribe on the issue of herdsmen attack and his call on Nigerians to  resort to self defence to safeguard themselves.

The retired colonel said that General Danjuma,  whom he described as his former boss in the Nigerian Army, should be cautious on his remarks especially as it relates to his indictment of the military and his calls on the populace to resort to self-help.
Colonel Ogbebor,  who is a Nigerian civil war veteran, stated that the duty of the police is maintaining internal security while the military is vested with the duty of safeguarding the country from external aggressors as well as assisting in internal security matters.
“General Theophilus Danjuma is a well respected army general in Nigeria who has contributed immensely to the building of this country,” he asserted.
He recalled that during the Nigerian civil war it was the duty of the military to secure a place, put it in order and thereafter hand it over to the police for safeguard.
Col. Ogbebor stated that it was wrong to place the blame of security breach by the herdsmen on the military.
“It’s not the duty of the military to  deal with such security breach. Maintaining internal security is the duty of the police.
“Why is the military coming in? They’re coming in because in the whole of the North East the military has done it’s best to ensure that the local governments that were earlier captured by the Boko Haram were taken back and in place of the Boko Haram flag there we now have the Nigerian flag,” he stated.
Going further, he recommended the recall of ten years retirees of the police and military to be recalled to safeguard where they live and hold the ground just as it was done during the civil war. He also recommended that West African heads of state should meet to proffer a solution since the herdsmen issue is a West African affair.