Nigerians can’t wait to vote out APC, Says Fasheun

Nigerians can’t wait to vote out APC, Says Fasheun

By Ajibola Abayomi,


Apparently dissatisfied with the state of the nation, National Chairman of Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), Dr Fredrick Fasheun says Nigerians are anxiously waiting for the next election in 2019 to send the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) packing from Abuja.

In an exclusive interview with our Correspondent at his Okota office in Lagos, he lamented the way the APC obviously hoodwinked the majority of people into voting now President Muhammadu Buhari into power, adding that 19 months after, “I have been vindicated with the recent happenings because I spoke out my mind that those craving for change had nothing to offer. It is disheartening the quality of leadership in the land giving our level of education and exposure as a country.

Fasehun, who is also the founder of O’odua People’s Congress (OPC) regretted the outcome of the 2015 poll, said rather than harnessing the natural and human capital endowment of the people for the common good and prosperity of all, “they are acting like toddlers. They won’t listen to anybody. If it were to be during the military rule, I would still be in the prison for what I said about the current people in power before the last election. I am happy that Nigerians have seen that the APC is not prepared for governance.

“Nigerians are now regretting selling their votes. We can only hope that the recession won’t turn to depression. This is not the kind of atmosphere we are used to before and after festive season. The APC said there was decay in the system, why did they struggle to get into power? Even at that, why can’t they repair the decay? They are using corruption to promote corruption. I have not seen any anti-corruption war at all” he stressed.

Continuing, Fasehun said “Nigerians are tired of deceit, suffering and focus less government of the APC. They claimed they understood the problems of the nation and they got to power with the promise of repairing the damage in the system. Going to two years now, Nigeria is stinking. The electorate can’t wait to vote them out.

“By 2019, the UPN will participate in the general election based on honesty. Although, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is trying to be funny with some characters in the UPN, as the leader with authentic registration certificate of the party, the court will correct that with time.

“If you achieve democracy through undemocratic means, you will end up in crisis as being experienced by the APC now. They spent the first nine months arguing and doing nothing both at the executive and the legislative arms of government” he said.