Nigeria Navy Gets First Northern Female General

Nigeria Navy Gets First Northern Female General

History was made this week when Jamila Malafa, first female military officer of the northern extraction, was decorated in Abuja.

Malafa, according to The Cable was decorated with the rank of commodore, which is equivalent to the rank of a brigadier-general in the Nigeria Army.

Henry Babalola, Chief of Policy and Plans (COPP) at the naval headquarters in Abuja, said the attainment was a thing of joy.

He said there were a few women who had achieved such height in the nation’s armed forces, adding that her success was as a result of training exposures afforded her by the Nigerian Navy.

He expressed hope that her historical elevation will serve as an inspiration to women in the folk of the armed forces and ensure that there is no limit to the heights they can achieve in their chosen careers.

“I am the first female of northern extraction to be promoted to the rank of a General in the Nigerian Navy,” Malafa said

“The promotion will inspire me to be more loyal and dedicated in my duties to the Navy and Nigeria.”

The native of Gombi local government in Adamawa state was commissioned in 1990.