New Mercedes-Benz G-Class to debut this month

New Mercedes-Benz G-Class to debut this month

Mercedes will host world premiere of G-Class W464 this in January 2018 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

  Also, the company will begin to accept orders for the next generation and will have it at dealers across Europe starting from May.

According to the company, production at Magna Steyr’s Graz factory in Austria – where more than 300,000 units have been built so far – is slated to begin towards the end of March, which likely means customer deliveries won’t start until mid-2018 for European buyers, with the United States to follow before the end of the year.

 Meanwhile, there are going to be some significant changes to the lineup as the V12-powered model might not live to see a new generation.

 Four inches (10 centimeters) wider than its predecessor, the G-Wagen will retain the body-on-frame configuration and the usual 4×4 hardware, including three locking differentials and low-range gearing.

 MB Passion Blog explains that a newly developed independent front suspension has already been confirmed, together with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine, which might turn out to be from the new family of straight-six mills.

  Also in the offing are a nine-speed automatic transmission and an electromechanical steering system, while on the inside it will get more technology and provide more space as a result of its increased footprint.