We Need Justice, Good Governance Not Restructuring, Says Lawmaker

We Need Justice, Good Governance Not Restructuring, Says Lawmaker
Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt
Hon Azubuike Wanjoku,  a Lawmaker,  representing Ikwerre constituency in   Rivers State House of Assembly yesterday said Nigeria Nigerians  are not interested in the call for the restructuring of Nigeria but on how the leaders of this country could deliver on the dividend of democracy.
The lawmaker who double  as the President-general of Ikwerre Youth Movement (IYM), a socio-cultural organization in Ikwerre ethnic nationality  said if Nigerians are comfortable with enough food on their tables, there would be no need for the call to restructure the country.
 He argued that even though there are some of the sections of the 2014 National Conference that could  be accepted but said definitely the implementation of 2014 conference report is not the solution to Nigeria’s problem.
He said Nigeria has already being restructured   from the first time we started having constitutional dialogue.
He noted that our problem is not about restructuring but justice to all. “Until we deal with the issue of justice we would remain the same. Nigerian has already being restructured,  all we need is to ensure that the poor man have food on his table. 
Wajoku said: “The only solution is for our leaders to be conscious of good governance and not the  looting  of Nigeria resources. If every leader will perform his or her responsibility and deliver good governance to his or her constituencies I don’t think that anybody will be talking about restructuring.
“General Ibrahim Babagida was the President of Nigeria why did he refuse to restructure Nigeria then, why are they calling for restructuring now. Those clamouring for restructuring where were they before now. So, my position is that Nigeria has already being restructured what we need is justice.
“Look, let me tell you, there is no need for the implementation of 2014 National conference and we don’t need it. My reason is that, Nigerians and their ethnic groups were not properly represented. Even those who went to National conference were sleeping at the conference.”