NASFAT Prays For Buhari, Economic Recovery

NASFAT Prays For Buhari, Economic Recovery

Chris Steven, Abuja

An Islamic organisation, Nasru Minallahi Wafatihi society, also known as NASFAT has asked Allah to perfect the healing process of President Muhammadu Buhari who just returned to the country after a 49-day medical vacation in the United Kingdom, UK.

The society also prayed for quick economic recovery and political stability  of the country.

Chief Imam of Abuja Chapter of NASFAT, Sheikh Sharafadeen Aliagan who led the prayer after the Jumah prayer prayed to Allah to keep Nigeria intact, politically, socially and economically.

” We pray to Allah to take away pains and sorrow  from Nigerians, we also pray against economic recession, we ask Allah to end the economic hardship quickly” he said

According to him, the leadership of NASFAT Abuja chapter had planned a special prayer for President Buhari and Nigeria, noting that his arrival that Friday was a divine coincidence.

“It is God that put the President  there, we ask Allah to guide him aright, keep his health intact, elongate his life. Grant him knowledge and wisdom, take charge of Nigeria through Buhari. We want Nigeria to be well and well for us” he prayed.

He expressed gratefulness to Allah that the President came back alive and healthy.

Earlier in his sermon, Sheikh Aliagan  emphasized the importance of prayer in the life of a Muslim stressing that prayer is a form of worship which attracts rewards from Allah.

Quoting from the Quran, he said Allah has asked Muslims to pray to him and that he would answer their prayer  noting that no Muslim can do without prayer.

He stressed the need for Muslims to however be humble in prayer noting that prayer is also part of worship saying ” those who failed to pray to Allah would be resurrected as blind men or women on the day of judgement.

His words: “Allah will answer those who failed to pray to him that they forgot him totally when they were alive noting that they were arrogant and refused to pray to him or ask him for sustainance.

The prophet was quoted as saying that nothing would change a man’s destiny except prayer while noting that nothing would elongate a man’s life except righteousness. The angels would be looking at a person’s record that  he is expected to fall sick but he wouldn’t but because he has been righteous.

It is a demonstration of faith to pray to Allah because you know and believe that he has what you are asking for and therefore, prayer is a form of worship.

Whoever fails to supplicate to Allah, he would be an inmate of hell fire because he is considered as arrogant . If you ignore Allah, it means you are arrogant as prayer is a confirmation of one’s faith in Allah. You feel cool, calm, connected and fulfilled when you pray to Allah. And that’s the sweetness of prayer. The more you concentrate the more Allah accepts your prayer.

Prayer can avert evils that have been written down. If you pray devotedly and wholeheartedly, prayer brings you closer to Allah. It will force you to be closer to Allah.”