Nadal Worried About Illegal Catalan Referendum

Nadal Worried About Illegal Catalan Referendum

Ayomide, Lagos

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal said on Tuesday (September 12) that he was “worried” about the upcoming banned independence referendum in Spain’s northeastern region of Catalonia, calling the situation “extreme.”

“I feel like all Spaniards should feel, worried because there is a conflict that needs to be resolved and at the moment the solution seems complicated or, at least, not friendly. Let’s hope things can be fixed,” Nadal said as he arrived in the airport in Mallorca where he plans to rest after winning the US open on Sunday (September 10).

“This is evidently an extreme situation and things must be resolved. Both sides must make and effort and one can’t just take unilateral decisions and from the other side we have to make Catalonia feel that we really want them and that we want them to be what they are, part of Spain.”

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s government is increasing the pressure to prevent an independence referendum, scheduled for Oct. 1, from going ahead. It has declared the vote illegal and challenged laws linked to the ballot in the courts.