Mosop Orders Shell To Stop Operations. Threatens Public Action

Mosop Orders Shell To Stop Operations. Threatens  Public Action

…shell denies toxic deposit claims

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has strongly condemned the activities of Dutch Royal oil giants, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC), claiming that it is destroying farmlands in Ogoniland, which it said is having very serious and negative impact on rural communities in the area.

Meanwhile, the oil company has denied allegations by the Ogoni group of keeping a toxic waste dump in the are.

”MOSOP is deeply concerned about SPDC’s continued pipeline laying with the backing of Nigerian soldiers”, MOSOP said in a statement it released on Tuesday. ”The destruction of farmlands in parts of Ogoni especially in Gokana local government area is having strong impacts on livelihoods as well as being capable of igniting conflict with affected communities.

”The conscienceless actions of Shell has become intolerable especially the on-going destruction of farmlands belonging to families, in Kpor Biara and K-Dere in Gokana local government area, whose survival solely depend on subsistence farming.

”We condemn Shell’s negligence and disregard for community safety while it continues with such a major project, without an environmental impact assessment as required by Nigerian and international laws.

”MOSOP demands that SPDC should stop its pipe laying activities in Ogoniland, immediately or face a public action as we will not hesitate to mobilize against the unacceptable conduct of the company”.

On tuesday, a spokesperson for the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) said in a release that: “Allegations that the water-based bentonite mud with a mixture of drill cuttings and sand excavated by an SPDC remediation contractor in K-Dere community of Ogoni in November 2017, is toxic waste are untrue and unfounded.

”The material is essentially water-based mud, with drill cuttings and sand with hydrocarbon content in some samples”. the statement said.