Merger Talk: CPC Inaugurates Contact, Mobilization Committee

By Akin Akande, Abuja

As part of preparations to partake in the next level of merger talks among opposition parties that constitute the embattled All Progressives Alliance (APC), the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) has taken steps to strengthen its bargaining powers at the negotiations.
The party on Tuesday inaugurated a 121-member Contact and Mobilization Committee to initiate strategies for aggressive party membership drive nationwide.
The Committee which is headed by Senator Solomon Ewuga, has as part of its terms of reference the mandate to develop workable strategy for effective mobilization of members and supporters throughout the country.
It will seek to reach out to opinion leaders in communities across the country with a view to attracting and keeping their support.
Addressing the committee members, the National,Chairman of CPC, Prince Tony Momoh, told them to try and maintain effective communication channels with various levels of party hierarchy from the ward to the national level.
“You are to develop comprehensive national, zonal and state campaign programmes and schedules and maintain liaison with all levels of the campaign organizations during campaign season” he said.
It was  gathered that CPC may have decided to borrow a leaf from the other member of the opposition coalition, ANPP, having realized  that membership strength as well as national spread are of critical importance if they are to maintain a balanced equation under the merger platform.
Speaking on the strength of CPC, Ewuga said the figures obtained from the last general election did not reflect the real strength of the party adding that the party in most cases has far more stronger backing than was reflected in the election results.
“When you look at the results that were posted during the last general elections, you will agree with me that it does not reflect the actual reality on ground.
You would know that for instance, in Katsina, virtually all the legislators are from CPC, but the governor is from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
The same thing could be said of states like Kano and Kaduna, that is definitely not a reflection of the strength of the party, ” he said.
He said with the on-going talks for opposition parties’ merger, each of the parties are expected to approach the merging process with a strong contention in terms of membership strength and national spread.
Ewuga said CPC intends to mobilize and build good will within itsranks in order to ensure that party gets appreciable benefit from the merger.
“Our task also is to articulate best approach towards the unfolding challenges of democracy in our country, ” he added