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Ex-freedom fighter, General Adowei, has warned that attempt by the Itsekiris to undermine the efforts of the Ijaws, to rename the Maritime University, located in Okerenkoko, Delta State, is a call to war, which will be unpleasant to the Itsekiris.
Gen. Adowei, who spoke through his Media aide, Mr. Ekpemupolo Frank, in a statement he released in Warri on Wednesday, described the Ijaws as peace-loving, but warned that despite this posture, they would not fold their arms and watch some mischief makers wreck their plans to bring development to their area.
He posited that while the Ijaws have been at the forefront of bringing developmental projects, which have benefitted all the various ethnic groups in the Niger Delta region, they have been humble enough not to rub it in anybody’s face.
His words; ”While the Ijaw man’s efforts have led to the establishment of the Federal Maritime University, in Okerenkoko, Niger Delta, the Itsekiri’s spend sleepless nights to destroy it.
”The Ijaws are not only known as movers in Niger Delta, but they have also consistently be at the fore front of several salient issues on behalf of the people of the Niger Delta as a region, which the Itsekiri man is also part of.
” The respect and privileges accorded the Niger Delta man today is down to the Ijaws as an entity. Prior to this time, the Itsekiri’s machinations were to relocate the Federal Maritime University Okerenkoko. These has led to several visits by different agencies and arms of the Federal government.
”The peace loving Ijaws’ motives are always for the collective interest of the entire Niger Delta. Assuming but not conceding, that the Ijaws are battle ready for these mischief makers, they would have been history, because it is suicidal to dare the Ijaws in battle.
”From available records, of the one million job seekers at the federal maritime university Okerenkoko, only 20 percents were recorded to be from the Ijaw speaking tribe.
”The hosts have less than five percents applicants, before this time and no one applicant has being traced to the Ekpemupolo’s family in the host kingdom. It was not for lack of qualified individuals, but this was done in the spirit of equity.
”The purported Ayiri Emami support for the Malami’s memo is indeed, a laudable call for war, and this time the Itsekiri’s will have it in full, because even the peace -loving Ijaws will not have a choice than to remind the Itsekiris of their strength in the matters of war, in case they have forgotten”. the statement warned.

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