Man Buries NDDC Girl Friend In Shallow Grave

Man Buries NDDC Girl Friend In Shallow Grave

Two other suspects confess how they aided in the heinous crime

Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt

Mr.  Sotonye Martin and two others, Innocent Oluche and Wachukwu Ugochukwu have been arraigned before Magistrate Z. O. Alikor of Rivers State Magistrate Court 2 for their involvement in the murder of Sophia Philips Horsfall.

The victim, who was popularly known as Sophia, was a staff of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) before she was stabbed to death by his boy friend on the 8th of November 2016 after the suspect discovered huge sum of money in her bank accounts.

In a charge sheet with charge no. PMC/2304C/16, as prepared by the Directorate of State Security (DSS).

Sotonye, a prime suspect is facing a three count charge for stabbing the victim (his girl friend) to death with a jack knife and later buried her in a shallow grave.

The two other suspects,  Oluche and Wachukwu were charged for abetting in the murder of Sophia.

Oluche confessed of being the one that dug the grave of the victim when his friend Sotonye promised to reward him with money while Wachukwu was arrested as a spiritual herbalist hired to cleanse the grave and tie the spirit of the victim.

Both a reliable security source who pleaded anonymity and the eldest brother to the victim Mr. Honour Amatu Philips said the suspects who are now in detention have confessed to the crime.

Philips who narrated how his late sister was murdered said she died after a serious pain and bleeding despite pleading with the suspect to take the money in her bank account and save her life.

He noted the first suspect to be arrested was the herbalist who was hired by the prime suspect to cleanse the grave and tie the spirit of the victim before others were arrested

Philips said: “When he killed my sister I was not around. He came to my house telling my younger brother that he knew he was going to be a prime suspect when I return. That he is waiting for me, on Thursday he called his friend Oluche and confessed to him that he killed his girlfriend.

“He told his friend that he was being tormented by the ghost of my late sister. So he offered to reward Oluche if he assist him to burry my sister in a shallow grave. According him, he killed my sister on Tuesday night but she was buried on Thursday night.

“Oluche was the first person to confess that he did not kill my sister but only assisted his friend to bury her. The herbalist, Wachukwu also confessed that he was hired to cleanse and padlock the grave as to stop the spirit from disturbing the prime suspect.

“It was when the two suspects have confessed that Sotonye now opened up and said he killed my sister because she refused to give him the money he demanded. That all he wanted was money, despite his confession one of his police brother has been looking for a way to bail him out.”

On how the relationship started between the victim and the prime suspect, Philips said, “ on July 19 she came to Onitsha  to see me in my house and told me about the suspect but I said to her, I don’t like the man, then I ask her to go  that I was going to investigate more about the young man.

“When she told us she was going to marry the man the entire family disagreed with her but she refused our idea against her relationship with the suspect. It was a great opportunity for the suspect to enter her very well, because, at this time she was avoiding us and following the suspect around.

“Before the incident, they paid my sister a huge amount of money in a contract she executed with the NDDC. When he saw the money he pleaded with her to give him N1million and I heard my sister asking him what he was using all the money she was giving him to do.”