Making money from Nigerian palm-wine preservation and bottling

Making money from Nigerian palm-wine preservation and bottling

Introduction/market and production technology

Palm-wine is traditionally a social drink of the rural people, but in recent times, it has also become a favourite among city dwellers. The palm trees from which palm-wine is derived grow extensively in the southern part of the country, especially the riverine areas. Much of the palm-wine wastes away through lack of proper preservation method, because it goes sour after 24 hours if not properly preserved by scientific means.

A preservation method for palm-wine has been perfected locally. It involves pasteurizing and bottling of the palm-wine, which increases its shell-life to over six months. This method of palm-wine preservation makes it more hygienic and consequently more attractive to the city dwellers. The equipment required is simple to operate and is fabricated locally.

Uptake of the project as a commercial venture will provide employment for the rural people and raise their standard of living. Apart from the large market already existing internally there is a good prospect of the bottled palm-wine being exported to foreign countries, as it is being done already by a few people. The investor and the country therefore have the chance of earning hard currency from the sales of bottled palm-wine abroad.

 Production technology

Palm-wine preservation/bottling is done by first testing the palm-wine for specific gravity and level of sugar to ascertain a good quality product. It is then poured into a mixer through a sifter and mixed with a measured quantity of preservative. The palm-wine is then bottled and pasteurized at an appropriate temperature level. The bottled palm-wine is then allowed to cool.


Status      Capital            Net                              Annual Income

(N)                                        (N)

Pilot                                  1.2m                                      3.5m

Commercial                    2.5m                                      10.3m

Industrial                         5m                                         25m

 Funding / Sponsorship

1.               Micro-credit

2.               Macro-credit

3.               International funding (within 120 days).

4.               Equity scheme

5.               Franchise scheme


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