Making money from Nigerian fruit wines

Making money from Nigerian fruit wines

Product: Introduction /Market Potentials
Nigerian fruits, when in season, abound in quantities far in excess of what can be consumed by all the individual consumers. The surpluses spoil and waste away every year. It is technically possible to make wines from Nigerian fruits and thereby increase the fruit grower’s revenue. In fact, wine-making from Nigerian fruits is already being practiced on a very low scale by a few people. Apart from bringing in additional income for the growers, it will also result in conservation of the foreign exchange currently spent on wine importation.

Production Technology & Location of Industry
Production of wines from fruits entails sorting the fruits to select the wholesome and ripe ones. The fruits are then peeled, after which they are put into a blender or a crusher. Pulp or juice could be obtained, depending on the type of fermentation method to be adopted.
The pulp or the juice is then fermented for about three to five days. The fermentation is either activated by yeast or enzyme. At the end of fermentation, the wine is racked off and allowed to mellow with ageing.
Since the fruits grow in the rural areas, their processing into wine should preferably be in the rural areas as well, so that it can provide the rural dwellers with some economic opportunities.

Status Capital Net Annual
(N) (N)
Pilot 700,000 2.5m
Commercial 1.5m 4m
Industrial 3m 15m

1. Micro-credit
2. Macro-credit
3. International funding (within 120 days).
4. Equity scheme
5. Franchise scheme

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