Making money from bio-gas and bio-fertiliser

Making money from bio-gas and bio-fertiliser

Introduction: Economic potential
Biological and agro wastes constitute environmental pollution. To this, a solution has come up that will enable us manage the wastes scientifically, as well as mimise and harness them for useful domestic and agricultural purposes. Using a simple technology, the wastes can be converted to methane gas for cooking, and fertilizer for agriculture. This breakthrough will reduce fire-wood burning and its consequence, while the fertilizer will provide alternative source of manure for farmers.

Production technology
The process involves collection of biological wastes from various sources, weighing and mixing with water in numerically equal weight to volume ratio. The mixture is then fermented anaerobically for 3 to 4 days with inoculums, during which period gas is collected. Spent materials, which are in wet form are then dried, milled and packaged as fertilizer – which has been tested and found to be quite satisfactory for farming.

Raw materials used for the process:
These are water hyacinth from coastal and riverine areas of Nigeria, human wastes from toilet, agricultural wastes, etc.

Equipment used for the Technology:
Biogas digesters of various capacities have been designed and fabricated. Each digester is made up of reaction chambers with inflows and overflow manholes. It also has the gas holder in-built with spikes and is capable of being rotated to facilitate the breaking of waste slurry surface area and hence the release of gas.
Other accessories developed are mixers (for waste preparation), gas lifting with controls, atmospheric dryer, dry-million machine, and packaging machine.

This project could be best sited in the rural areas where raw materials and space could be available at minimal cost. The product of this project could be marketed in rural and urban areas.

Status Annual
Pilot 2.5m
Commercial 7.5m

1. Micro-credit
2. Macro-credit
3. International funding (within 120 days).
4. Equity scheme
5. Franchise scheme

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