Make Laws To Protect Disabled Women, Foundation Tells Govt

Make Laws To Protect Disabled Women, Foundation Tells Govt

Says disabled women are double victim of society

Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt

FAECARE Foundation, an organization that empowers   women living with disability has urged the government at all levels to make laws that would protect the rights and privileges of the disabled women in the society.

The foundation at the weekend in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital while graduating over 19 disabled women from different skills, noted that the disabled women are double victim of the society.

Speaking, the Executive Director of FAECARE Foundation, Miss. Freky Andrew-Essien, said the challenges of women living with disability were much.

Andrew-Essien worried that government policies were not favourable to women living with disability, adding that society does not attach importance to them.

She urged disabled women to desist from the act of beginning for help, stating that disability is not a curse.

She said, “We can sharpen ourselves if our condition is like this. As it is now, we do not know the number of women living with disability, but I know that there are much disabled women and the people in the society see us as not important people.”

“Government should understand that we are human beings as well. There is a need for laws to be put in place to protect the rights of disabled women.  One of the things I noticed about the disabled people is that they have entitlement mentality. They want welfare and charity mentality. They always want to be pitied and to receive help from people.

 “But, it is important for the disabled people to carve out a niche for themselves other than relying on people for help. Those who involve in that are not informed and determine. This programme is to encourage disabled people to use their strength to make something meaningful of their live.

“Women living with disability have the challenge of facing double discrimination. When you talk of women in the society there is discrimination, and then talks more of a disabled woman.

But discrimination can only make us strong. The disabled woman needs to doubly defend herself. We are having double disadvantage.”

  Meanwhile, one of the participants for the FAECARE training for women living with disability, Miss Charity Nwigbor, thanked the foundation for the opportunity given to her to have a dream come through.

Nwigbor enjoined disabled women not to go beginning on the streets, but to use their strength to involve in meaningful activities.

Nwigbor, said: “I feel good for the skill of bead making because I thought I will not be anything in life. Learning skill is easy for people who are complete but for me it is not easy. I suffered but I was determined that I will not beg for arms. I don’t like people who are in this condition to beg. I thank God who used FAECARE foundation to give me a skill.”