Lessons business entrepreneurs can learn from TSTV issues

One of the trends on social media and even talk of the town in late 2017 was TSTV! The buzz and heat it generated at the time was second to non in terms of creating awareness for a new product. Nigerians bought into the idea of an indigenous pay-TV service and everyone was ready to use their decoders.

TSTV much like politicians made impossible promises like selling of decoders in November 1 2017 – till date they’re still asking for patience

As can be seen so far these are just fairy tails and it doesn’t look like they’re going to start selling decoders anytime soon.

Why did they not kick-off much like their promos?

There are many lessons business entrepreneurs can learn from the whole episode which will prove to yield a different and better result when executed properly;

1. Exploiting the weakness of your competitor(s)

Learning to use the weakness (es) of one’s competitor(s) is one main business strategy every small business and new market entrant must consider adopting. For TSTV, it is failing to use the defect in Multichoice’s (operator of DSTV and GOTV) paying model and bad customer relation to its advantage.

One opportunity it may never be there to utilize again, as Multichoice has started some initiatives to address these concerns.

Just as noted by Sun Tzu in the Art of War: “Before entering an engagement, study your enemies closely.”

The Mafia manager also points this out about how business wars are fought to the advantage of a weaker party.

“You are in a war. You must plan to take the other guy down first and do it. Winning is not the best thing; it’s the only thing,” said the Mafia Manager

 2. Use climate and prevailing conditions to your advantage

Of all business strategies, this is considered the best. If TSTV had taken control of the prevailing condition, it would have had a deadly effect on Multichoice.

The frustration of Nigerians about Multichoice operations in the country was a business opportunity missed by TSTV.

3. Divide your opponent’s attention

This is one strategy every great General understands and uses to their advantage. The Multichoice was greatly disturbed by the fuse created by Nigerians’ support for TSTV. This made the company to reconsider some of its marketing strategies and operational module.

Just as noted by Sun Tzu – “Intentional confusion is the strategy of moving in circles without any apparent direction.”

Since the Nigerian pay-tv failed once again to utilize the opportunity, the table has turned and thus making it the one explaining why it has not commenced operations yet.

4. Use competitive information

One basic tool that helped TSTV at first but has failed to continue to take advantage of, is directing the media and taking control of information.

“Accurate information is the foundation of profitable operations.” – Sun Tzu

TSTV won at first with the issue of a pay-as-you-watch announcement, which made many Nigerians decide not going back to either of GOTV or DSTV. The newly launched Kwese Tv had a share in this information battle.

“The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from your competitors, the best way to put distance between you and the crowd is to do an outstanding job with information. How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.” – Bill Gates

With this stormy star, Startimes narration of pay as you watch and Kwese TV may be the next alternative for Nigerian viewing public.

5. Failure to utilize its strengths at full capacity

One of the strength TSTV has is the backing of the public and Nigerian government. One of the best business support to have at the current time is that of the national government.

Many corporations such as Samsung, OLAMS, Aljazeera and CNN among others are always banking on the support of their government at a difficult time.