Leave Buratai And Our Military Alone

Leave Buratai And Our Military Alone

By Mohammed Ladan

Let me first of all start by acknowledging the efforts of our fallen heroes as we celebrated them on Armed Forces Remembrance day and also pray for God’s protection to our troops in the front line.

As a Nigerian who has seen the brutality of insurgency, and the weakness of our military during the last regime, I can say that when it comes to a true hero of our time, I think GeneralTukur Buratai will surely make the top list.

Not just because he is from Borno state, but because he is a true patriotic military officer who always put our country first even before his own live.

This is a man who on resumption of office spent more time in the front line than in Abuja where his predisasors used to be.

He rekindled the hope for the millions of our people that had to leave their ancestral homes for their safety in the last five years and are living in different Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps scattered across the country.

The people of Northeast, and particularly Borno state and indeed all Nigerians will forever remain grateful to Gen Tukur Buratai and the entire Armed Forces for rescuing the country from the grip of Boko Haram. Our future generations will surely honour him for his sacrifices and patriotism.

I remember shedding tears when I first watched the video of the visit of Gen. Buratai to Gamboru Ngala, when he was addressing the people there after his troops cleared the historic town.

When he and his men hoisted the Nigeria flag in that town which was followed by singing of the national anthem, the General broke down in tears. The villagers could not help but also shed tears of joy, that after such a long time the town was under the control of Boko Haram.

This was a village where the terrorists chased away our military men not because of incompetence of the soldiers but as a result of lack commitment on the part of the military heirachy and the political leadership under the previous regime.

And now, the hero of our time was able to successfully recapture the town because of his true commitment and patriotism .

The success recorded by General Buratai and his men is unprecedented in the history of Nigeria Army. This has sent a strong signal to all terror organisations and their affiliates that it is no longer business as usual.

The Nigeria Army under the heroic General will not hesitate to deal with any form of uprising from any criminal minded people or group of people. Not only that, but the Nigeria Army is also ready to protect all Nigerians and rescue them from the hands of any criminal group.

Those civil society groups and the so called human rights organisations who are castigating our hero failed to do the right thing. They ought to have condemned the perpetual imprisonment of the people of Zaria by Zak Zaki and his people.

All thanks to the Nigeria Army, the people of Zaria are now free. Whoever wants to accuse the Army of wrong doing, should first of all dig into the activities of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

For those who do not know, the Shiites violate the rights of women more than any organisations in the world. The so called paid human rights groups calling for the removal of our national hero failed to condemn the Shiites who turn women into prostitutes.

They allow what they call temporary marriage which is inhuman and subject many young girls to sleeping with different kinds of men by just giving them a small amount of money in the name of temporary marriage.

It is allowed by the Shiites to even borrow your wife to another man for some time. The annual trekking that they normally do attracts youths because they used the females among them as sex slaves. These innocent young girls were being brainwashed into believing that they will enter paradise by sleeping with multiple men who will give them a token as a bride price for temporary marriage which does not last more than one week or at most one month.

Some of these young girls end up frustrated when they realize that there is nothing like temporary marriage in Islamic religion. Many of our Islamic scholars have been shouting and condemning this act of human right abuse on women by the Shiites, but nobody listen to them.

I expect all women rights organizations to wake up and save Nigeria women from the hands of Al ZakZaki and his people. There is no any religion of God that will permit such abuse against women.

Therefore, those human right groups that are making noise disturbing Nigerians and Nigeria about the Shiites whom I believe they know nothing about should rather channel their energy in knowing who these people are.

Whoever knows the history of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria and it’s leaders will not waste his time defending them. These so called human rights groups should please leave our Chief of Army Staff alone and face the Shiites who are known for their human rights abuses.

The Nigeria military have in recent times restored confidence in Nigerians who now see them as symbols of hope and strength. Any individual or group that want to challenge the strength of our military should be dealt with accordingly. Our military are our symbol of power and authority, which the Islamic Movement of Nigeria does not recognize.

Their loyalty is only to Iran and not their own country, Nigeria. That was why Al Zak zaki’s first point of call when the problem started. He called Iran instead of Nigeria authorities.

All human right groups should as a matter of urgency wake up and come to the aid of these thousands of women that are being abused by the members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. Our women are our pride, as such they are too precious to be used as a commodity that anyone can buy and sell at their will.

Let me reiterate that these so called human right groups as well as ignorant analysts should please leave our Army chief alone, they should go to Zaria and interact with the residents and have a clear picture of how brutal Al Zakzaki and his people have been over the years.

Mohammed Ladan write from Apo Abuja and can be reached through
[email protected]