Kogi DPR Seal 5 Filling Station , Warn Against Selling Above Govt Price

Kogi DPR Seal 5 Filling Station , Warn Against Selling Above Govt Price
Bayo Oyewale, Lokoja

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR)  has sealed five filling stations in Lokoja for selling Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) far and above the government regulated price of N145 per litre.

The DPR Operation Controller in charged of Kogi state Engineer  Amos Jokodola who ordered for the sealing while  inspecting  all the filling stations in Lokoja yesterday to asses level of compliance and sales of the product,  expressed disappointment over the attitude of some fuel dealers who derived the pleasure of flaunting the government price.

He also lamented that some stations have enough petrol in their under ground tanks but decided to hoard the product to cause artificial scarcity.

"Imagine, some filling stations have enough fuel but they choose not to sell to customer, we coming round the stations to force them to sell at government price.

" The five stations we sealed up have fuel and sell above government price while some saw us coming and closed there fuel station. We will continue to monitor them until they comply and make the petrol available to motorist to buy"

Jokodolo who sealed five stations in Lokoja the state capital warned that any dealer who choose to go against government regulated price per litre will be sanction appropriately, adding that  DPR will not hesitate to seal any erring fuel station in the state.

While urging motorists and tricyclists in the state  to display orderliness in order to get the fuel at government price, the DPR Operation Controller warned filling stations owners to desist from reserving petrol for people without the concert and approval of the regulating body.

One of the motorist Mr Umensofor Promise who spoke to Channels TV lauded the effort of DPR for coming out even in the night to check the excesses of the petroleum product dealers .

He noted that in the last one week he has been struggling to buy fuel , but to no avail as the dealers refused to sell in order to cause scarcity and through people into unwarranted hardship.