June 12: Fayose, anti-democratic despot – Prince Adeyeye

June 12: Fayose, anti-democratic despot – Prince Adeyeye

The former national Publicity Secretary for Afenifere, has flayed the Ekiti State Governor, Mr Peter Ayodele Fayose, over a statement credited to him, in which the latter daaderefused to recognize June 12 as the Democracy Day in his state.

According to Prince Adeyeye, who fell out with Fayose recently after the state PDP’s governorship primaries, the Ekiti State Governor, was a tout during the struggle and so the import of the day and events that surrounds it, is lost on him.

Governor Fayose, in his characteristic daring style was said to have said;”I won’t recognize June 12 as Democracy Day. Those who wants to make Abiola President in his grave, can continue to do so. In Ekiti, I am the one in charge and May 29, is our Democracy Day”.

In a statement he released on Wednesday at Ado Ekiti, the state capital, the former Minister of State for Works, spoke on Governor Fayose’s station in life during the period of the June 12 struggle and gave an insight into his antecedents as a public office holder.

 His words;” Fayose was a tout during the  June 12 struggle. He is a major beneficiary of the struggle, but was never part of the struggle to actualize it, so he will never appreciate its importance in the present democratic dispensation.

”Fayose is worst than a military despot. Fayose doesn’t believe in democracy and this can be gleaned from his actions and antecedents as the governor of Ekiti State.

”In the last three and a half years,  he has made every efforts to kill or subvert all the democratic institutions in Ekiti State. He has destroyed the legislature. He would go to the House of Assembly to present a budget dressed like a tout and approve the budget there and then, all by himself.

“The house in impotent, completely paralysed and a caricature of what a real legislature should be.

The state Executive Council is non-existent . it is yet to meet for once in the last four years. The Pharaoh does everything by himself.

”His Commissioners would leave office later in the year, without even knowing what a state exco is like. They would leave without the experience of that part of governance, which is key to planning and team work. Hence the misplaced priorities in governances and the monumental misappropriation of our scarce resources.

”He has also paralyzed the Local Government apparatus in the state. No local government council has done any project (no matter how small) in the last four years.

“The monetary allocations come to the councils at the end of every month and are promptly returned in cash to the Pharaoh at Ado Ekiti , by his HND picked Ajeles in the LGAs.

“As a result, governance in Ekiti today is indeed a huge joke. We are in a theater of the absurd, being run and conducted by Emperor Fayose.
The entire apparatus and institutions of government have been personalized by for the sole benefit of one man and his family.
“The only comparism with the situation is Hitler’s Germany, although Hitler was not known to be so greedy like the Pharaoh.
Prince Adeyeye expressed appreciation to President Buhari for his kind gesture in honouring the late Chief MKO Abiola and Late legal icon, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, post -homously.

”For those of us, who were in the trenches with MKO Abiola and travelled all over the country with him, during the June 12 struggle, what happened on Wednesday gladdens the heart of all of us, we are happy with President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Chief MKO Abiola cannot be president of Nigeria again, but he eventually got his dues after laying his life on the line for the democracy, that all Nigerians are now enjoying, including Ayodele Fayose, the Pharaoh of Ekiti.

“As the National Publicity Secretary for Afenifere, I can say that right from the time of Chief Bola Ige and Papa Abraham Adesanya, it has been the agenda of the Afenifere group to have June 12, declared as the Democracy Day in Nigeria.

“Fayose, through his unguarded and uneducated statements, has shown clearly that he is uncouth, unlettered and not disposed to respecting any Nigerian hero, whether dead or alive.

“However, we call on all Ekiti workers, whether working with private companies or the  government to join their colleagues all over the country  and observe June 12, 2018 as the Democracy Day in the country. We dare the Pharaoh of Ekiti to prevent them from doing so, in violation of the law”.