Jim Iyke meets match in Love Birds

Jim Iyke meets match in Love Birds
Acclaimed Nollywood bad guy, Jim Iyke met his match in Felix Omozusi, a US-based role interpreter, in “Love Birds”, the latest offering of top  rated movie producer, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen.

Shot in Atlanta, USA, the one hour long movie is centred around the interesting story of a love-struck trio – Jim Iyke(Ademola), Felix Omozusi(Odion) and Sarail Captca(Ivie) – and the intertwining role played by the trio of old generation movie stars – Joseph Benjamin(Ivie’s father), Stella Damascus(Ivie’s mother)  and Florence Fosan(Odion’s mother)  in teleguiding their kids on the direction they should take on issues of love.
Omozusi’s interpretation of his dual role of a lover boy and bad boy who would do anything to assert himself and win back his about to be stolen love interest will come as a shock to many to know that he is a first timer.
As usual Jim Iyke showed that he is a master of his craft. His fluency in speaking with an American drawl kept the large crowd of movie enthusiasts to stay glued to their seats for the duration of the drama when it was premiered at the Kada Entertainment Center, Benin, a few days ago.
Stella Damascus’ delivery can best be described as top level and highly professional likewise Joseph Benjamin’s and Florence Fosan’s.
In his statement after the premiere Lancelot described the movie as the best love story movie produced after “The Titanic”.
All in all, judging from the positive response from movie buffs Lancelot’s investment in the Love Birds will sure reap bountiful returns.