Inflation hits 12.9 percent

Inflation hits 12.9 percent

Data from the National Bureau Of Statistics on Tuesday showed that the inflation rate has risen to 12.9 percent in the month of April. According Bureau, this is driven largely by non-food items.

However, the food inflation, which is the largest component of the index, was slightly down to 11.2 percent, compared with 11.8 percent in the month of March.

The change in the overall index was largely because inflation in the month of April 2011 had been so subdued.

“The higher year on year change could be partly attributable to base effects as the index was relatively more stable in April of 201 lower price levels in April 2011 will reflect higher year on year percentage changes in April of 2012,” the bureau said.

It also said the rate of inflation was worse in urban areas during the previous month, hitting 13.4 percent rise, compared with 12.4 percent in rural areas.

Core inflation without volatile agricultural produce, rose by much more than the headline rate, by 14.7 percent year on year, the statistics bureau said.