Implement Report on Varsities, Civil Organisation tells FG

By Akin Akande, Abuja
A Civil Society Group, Independent Service Delivery Monitoring Group has warned the Federal Government not to sweep under the carpet the recommendations given by the Needs Assessment Committee, earlier inaugurated by it to assess the state of public universities in the country.
Executive Director of the group, Dr. Chima Amadi who spoke at a forum for civil society strategic session held in Abuja, on Thursday, to propose further ways Nigeria can salvage its education system, urged government to muster political will and implement the report, irrespective of the gory situation the report projected.

Federal government, through the Federal Ministry of Education constituted the Needs Assessment Committee in 2012, which came up with far reaching recommendations which government has since not been able to implement.
Part of the recommendations stipulated is that government should establish clear vision and goals for the university system, while ensuring that university planning and implementation are consonant with those goals.
It also urged government to clearly distinguish between its governance role and the responsibilities of management, maintains appropriate conventions and relationships with Senate and Management among others.
According to Amadi, the state of education in Nigeria is at its lowest ebb, adding that any nation that takes seriously its national development plans must also talk about the education of its citizenry.
His words: “It has been stated severally that the group of nations that are doing very well in terms of economic indices, quality of life do not even have the amount of natural endowment or resources that Nigeria has or some other countries has but the quality of the education is what is seemingly propelling them to becoming part of the so called first world.
“We are of the believe that if Nigeria is serious and wants to be among the committee of developed nations especially given the so called vision 2020:20 then the quality of education at all levels must necessarily improve, however the focus of this session is on tertiary education and the reason is simple.
The Federal Government recently set up what they called a Committee of Needs Assessment of Nigerian Universities.
“The committee came up with a wonderful document, as sad as the report is that properly situated the state of tertiary education system in Nigeria with a lot of gory stories, this is the first time a committee of that nature is going the extra mile to visit every tertiary institution to know what the problems are, determine what the solution is and document it and we are saying this must not go the way of other reports.
It must not be swept under the carpet but the process of implementation of this report must be put in place,” he said.