Illiteracy, A Form Of Poverty, Injustice, Says Pope Francis

Illiteracy, A Form Of Poverty, Injustice, Says Pope Francis
Pope Francis says illiteracy and the lack of education is indeed a form of poverty and injustice.
According to the English language summary of his address at the Wednesday weekly General Audience in Rome by the Vatican Radio, the Pope who spoke on two Spiritual Works of Mercy: “Counseling the Doubtful” and “Instructing the Ignorant,” noted that “education promotes the dignity of the person and provides for the full development of his or her God-given gifts.”
Education, he told his audience, “develops our ability to think critically about ourselves and the world around us.  By raising questions it also helps us to find satisfying answers.
“It is a true work of mercy to counsel those troubled by doubts about the meaning of life or shaken in their faith. Let us be grateful to all who devote themselves to this work through catechesis and religious education.”
He urged all people to be witnesses of living faith and generous concern, which are eloquent signs of the love of God that gives meaning and direction to human lives.
Both works, he continued are related and can be practised daily by families and communities, noting that the “Church’s mission of evangelization has always been accompanied by teaching and the founding of schools.”