Hon. Sylvanus Igbogbo, the leading contender for the All Progressives Congress(APC) senate seat for Edo Central in 2019, has vowed not to let down the people of the senatorial district when he gets to the upper legislative chamber.
He was reacting to recent upsurge in his endorsement by groups and individuals the latest coming from Concerned Esan Youths in Diaspora based in Carolina, USA under the aegis of Actualization of True Democracy Group (ATDG).
“I must confess that I am overwhelmed by the volume of support that I have been getting from different groups and individuals since I signified interest in the Senate in 2019.
“The volume of support is quite massive as well as a challenge for me not to let my constituents down when I eventually get to the Senate. I am hereby assuring that I will stick to my cardinal programmes of impacting positively on the living standards of the people through job creation; introduction of genuine empowerment programmes for all those that desire it irrespective of age, gender and political affiliations; introduction of mechanised farming such that our people will benefit massively in terms of high returns on investment; effective legislation to address shortage of infrastructure in the constituency among many others.
“Another issue that I will initiate and pursue with vigour is regular town hall meetings where I will get my constituents reaction to the way forward, he promised.
Going further, he asserted: “I am signing a social contract with my constituents that if by two years in office I cannot meet up with at least 50 percent of my campaign promises the process of my recall from the National Assembly should be triggered.”

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