A 73-year-old coronavirus survivor from Thailand, Jaimuay Sae-eung, shared her experience during a news conference on Tuesday (February 4) at Nakhon Pathom Hospital after she was cured and discharged.

Jaimuay, who was travelling in China’s central city of Wuhan from December 25 to January 3, said that she felt dizzy and experienced pain when breathing in her lungs and heart.

She urged anyone who felt unwell to see a doctor as quickly as possible so as to be cured more easily.

Doctor Aumporn Benjarongpitak, senior officer of the Public Health Ministry, said Jaimuay was cured of the virus by developing her immune system. No antiviral drugs were used.

Thailand’s total of 25 cases consist of six Thai nationals and 19 Chinese nationals. Seventeen people remain in hospital and eight have been discharged, according to a health official.

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