Huawei is getting ready for life after Android.

The Chinese phonemaker has applied to trademark its own operating system in at least nine countries and the EU.

That comes after Washington banned U.S. firms from doing business with Huawei.

It says the firm may collude with Chinese spies, and is a threat to national security – allegations Huawei firmly denies.

The blacklisting means it could lose all access to Google’s Android software.

Its alternative is dubbed Hongmeng.

Though media reports suggest it could be rebranded as Ark.

Huawei has registered the OS in countries including Canada, New Zealand and South Korea.

But swapping operating systems is no simple feat.

For one thing, users will want to know whether apps made for Android will work in Hongmeng.

Future Huawei phones may also have to go without popular Google apps like the Play Store, Gmail and YouTube.

Even so, Huawei says it’s ready to work around any U.S. ban.


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