How Do We Break This Oath?

How Do We Break This Oath?

Dear Agatha,

My girlfriend and I are both 26 years of age. We took a blood oath and later decided to undo it by mere words of the mouth. But she’s scared words of the mouth alone may not be enough to neutralize the spiritual effects of the oath.

For me, I’m convinced it has been undone. Please is there any suggestions you know of that can undo the oath? Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Dear Eddy,

She is right to be apprehensive because blood oaths come with severe spiritual implications especially if both parties end up not getting married to each other.  The presence of blood means the Life Giving Spirit has been invoked; it signposts a pledge to a whole life of commitment to each other. This is the reason some couples who took the blood oath and didn’t end up together experience severe challenges later in life.

There are several ways an intending couple can act out their feelings for each other without going to the extreme of taking a blood oath. Consenting to date each other is itself a form of oath. It means an agreement to stay together and be faithful to each other. Blood oath is therefore completely unnecessary because it doesn’t insulate a couple from breaking up. It adds no special flavour to a relationship. So, taking it is an act of ignorance.

The workability of a relationship depends on the sincerity and trust both parties are bringing into it. Often, blood oaths are taken and administered to prevent infidelity and disappointments. But numerous examples show that it doesn’t prevent the couple from breaking up. Any relationship destined for doom will eventually break up, no matter the efforts put into it.

Blood oath also doesn’t change the character or temperament of a person. The futility of the oath taking can be better appreciated when two people who lack the understanding of the different processes for a successful relationship; the right temperament and attitude take a blood oath to be together for life. The expected outcome of such a relationship is best imagined than experienced.

Rather than bow to the unrealistic notion that taking of blood oath is all there is to the success of a relationship, young lovers should focus attention more on the character and disposition of each other. This is what is more important than engaging in a highly spiritual decision that has the capacity to boomerang in the future.

Both of you would understand the nature of the blood oath better if you go to the book of Exodus in the Bible. It is the story of the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt; specifically the feast of the first Passover on the eve of their departure from Egypt. The significance of the blood on the doorposts of the homes of the children of Israel was a sign of the covenant between God and His people, such that the Angel of death will not come near their homesteads.

Also, in the book of Genesis, we read of how the blood of Abel cried out for vengeance against Cain his brother, who murdered him and secretly buried his corpse.

From these examples both of you would see that blood oaths are not thing to toy with in the name of love. It is too dangerous and highly spiritual. Not even in marriage rites, is a blood oath required as a sign of commitment between the couple. This is because the name of God alone is sufficient to instill fear and discipline into the union.

This is why blood oaths are discouraged in whatever form. The greatest blood oath has been given to mankind by Jesus Christ who agreed to be our ultimate sacrifice. The sight of blood is precious to God because He only has the power of life and death which the blood represents. To have taken a blood oath is to have called God to witness your vows. The process is a covenant between the both of you and God.

Therefore, the process of terminating it has to go through the process of deliverance of the two persons to ensure spiritual freedom for you both.

You just don’t walk away from such a process you started without prayers and deliverance to nullify the attendant issue that accompanies such a highly spiritual process.

To completely erase the penalties of that oath, there is the need to see a man of God who is spiritually equipped to conduct deliverance for both of you. The reason for this is to obliterate the effects of the covenant and give you both the freedom to pursue other relationships if you so desire.

In addition to this, it is very unwise medically. The couple could unknowingly infect each other with serious health complication, especially when one HIV positive lover could easily transfer such medical condition to the partner through blood oaths. Is it therefore worth it?

Ask your pastor for help.

Good luck.