Hold Buhari, APC Responsible If Biafra Agitation Escalates – PDP

Hold Buhari, APC Responsible If Biafra Agitation Escalates – PDP

Chris Steven, Abuja

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has expressed concern over agitation by youths in the South-South and South-East geo-political zones, under the Biafra movement, saying President Muhammadu Buhari and All Progressives Congress (APC) should be held responsible if the agitation escalates.

The party called on President Buhari to note the danger associated with the agitation, urging him to seek immediate dialogue with their representatives and leaders.

PDP, in a statement by its National Youth Leader, Hon. Abdullahi Maibasira, said it was not comfortable with the methods being applied by APC-led federal government in handling of restive zones.

It urged the President to personally intervene as the matter affects the
territorial integrity of Nigeria.

The party said it was worrisome that the federal government and its agencies have failed to approach the situation with the inclusiveness
and seriousness it deserves, but have instead been resorting to the use
of security forces.

It said: “President Buhari and his party should be held to account for the escalation of the agitation, which threatens the unity and national security interests of Nigeria as an indivisible entity.”

The PDP also urged the ruling party to ensure and guarantee an inclusive
administration that will promote harmony among all sections of the country.

The party further notes the seemingly lack of any clear-cut policy direction that concerns the development, mainstreaming and inclusion of
young people in the country by the federal government, a worrisome issue
that brings to question APC’s campaign promise to generate and give 3
million jobs annually to Nigerian Youths.

“The fact that none of the President’s ministerial appointees confirmed by Senate is below 40 years also puts to question APC’s belief for the next generation of leaders, mentorship and transfer of responsibility.

So far, the resultant effect of this lack of clear-cut policy is the stagnation of the economy and laying-off of thousands of people from
their jobs.

“Rather than the use of force as an option which usually fails as a solution in this type of self inflicted socio political problem, President Buhari should as a matter of national interest and practical necessity, make haste to call representatives and leaders of the South-east for discussions before the situation deteriorates,” PDP said.

The party cautioned that President Buhari and his party should know that sidelining any section of the country is bound to generate unhealthy relations among all integral parts of the Nigerian people.

It said that cohesion, development, prosperity and unity should be paramount in government policy and warned that unless and until all
sections of the country are accommodated, certain sections will
experience civil tension and agitations as a means of expressing their