Gowon: I Created States To Stop Nigeria From Breakup

Gowon: I Created States To Stop Nigeria From Breakup
Chris Steven, Abuja
Yakubu Gowon;  former military Head of State;  has revealed that he created states in the country during his regime to forestall an imminent breakup of the country at that time.
Gowon said the creation of states became imperative following fears by minority ethnic groups in the country that the majority ones would swallow them up.
He added also that it was done to douse the fears of the country’s breakup. General Gowon said this in Yenagoa;  the Bayelsa State capital;  where he was accompanied by his wife;  Victoria;  to commission the newly built Bayelsa State Government House.
 “I was delighted to create those states…years ago. At that time;  the political situation was very difficult. “There was fears of the country breaking up;  fears of domination of the minority and the question was;  what were we going to do in order to remove this fear causing problems in Nigeria? “There were fears of being dominated by majority ethnic groups;  the creation of states was to solve these fears.” He said;