Governor Amaechi’s town thrown into darkness over non-payment of power bills

By Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt

The people of Ubima community, the home town of Governor Amaechi have called on him to intervene over the total darkness in the community for the past two months which they said has led to more crime at night in the community.

In a reaction yesterday after several effort made to restore light in the community failed, the residents alleged that the management of Power Holding Company Nigerian Limited (PHCN) decided to be wicked as other communities more indebted to PHCN are still enjoying  regular power supply.

Chief Sylvester Nda who spoke on behalf of the community told our reporter that the worst thing about the total darkness in the community is that it has become a great opportunity for hoodlums to operate at night and commit all sorts of crimes.

Chief Sylvester Nda said: “We don’t have light in this community for more than two months, if you come here in the night you will pity the people of this community, we have written to the PHCN to know what actually is happening to our light but instead of them to tell us the truth they are saying we are owing electricity bill.”

“I still believe that if we are owing them, it is not a enough reason to keep us in darkness for months, because some community who are owing more than us are enjoying constant electricity supply. We are not happy over this issue because the darkness in the community has worsened the insecurity situation of the community.

Chief Sylvester also regretted that PHCN has no respect for the person of the governor for keeping his community in total darkness. “We are taking this matter to the Governor, it amazed me that PHCN has no respect for the governor,  keeping us in darkness what if the governor decide to come back home and sleep over are they telling me that he is going to sleep in darkness.”