God will convert the cabals’ craftiness to foolishness -Tracy Agol

God will convert the cabals’ craftiness to foolishness -Tracy Agol
Hon. Tracy Ebun Agol, the governorship candidate of the People’s Party of Nigeria (PPN), in Edo State in 2016, has warned Nigerians to be alert to the antics of the cabal who are calling the shots in the country, saying that though they are crafty God will convert their craftiness into foolishness.

“Presently, there is mopping up of firearms and also seizure of arms license across the country.
“This is sort of buttressing the fear that the government wants to disarm the generality of Nigerians so that when you’re attacked you cannot defend yourself.
“We say no to this and we know that God arise on behalf of Nigerians and frustrate all the plots of these people who call themselves cabal.
“They’re so crafty but God will convert their craftiness to foolishness,” she stated.
On the issue of Fulani herdsmen, Hon. Agol said that it should not be handled with kids’ gloves.
“The issue of herdsmen should be taken seriously. The herdsmen we are talking about are not Nigerians.
“They’re from neighbouring countries. Some of them got into the country through jihad while others came into the country when a governor of one of the northern states employed their services for election purposes.
“Somehow, they became disgruntled and they started unleashing mayhem which spread to other parts of the country.
“Also, we should know that President Muhammadu Buhari  is a life patron of the Fulani herdsmen and that’s why the issue of grazing has come up in Nigeria.
“They’re proposing a grazing bill and cattle colonies. We insist that the two things are not government business. They’re supposed to be individuals’ business
“In developed countries, a lot of people have ranches. Government doesn’t take part in ownership of ranches. So, why is the situation different in Nigeria?
“Why is it been proposed that state governments should make land available for cattle rearing? Why are they saying that government should build ranches?
“From all indications Nigeria is under siege and that’s why the Fulani herdsmen want to have their colonies/grazing land all over the country. This is like placing Nigeria in captivity,” she emphasised.
Going further, she stressed: “We should all cry out that we don’t want grazing bill or cattle colonies. It’s not government business.
“Who so desires it should acquire land and go ahead with setting up the business. When government begins to make cattle grazing or colonies its business it means there is a hidden agenda.
“As we speak now this hidden agenda is unfolding with people been killed all over the country, churches been burnt and nothing is done to address the problem.
“Instead the government is saying that it’s communal conflict while from all indications some people have sort of taken an oath to islamise the country.”