French Interest Behind Boko Haram Over Crude Oil in Lake Chad Basin – Columnist

French Interest Behind  Boko Haram Over Crude Oil in Lake Chad Basin – Columnist
Chris Steven, Abuja
A columnist, Richards Murphy, writing in the Daily Trust Newspapers of August 8, 2017 on the recent attacks by boko Haram has warned that other countries cannot benefit from crisis in Nigeria and think there would be no consequences. The warning came with suggestion that other possibilities, like state sponsored terrorism and quest to control the crude oil in the Lake Chad Basin, should be explored as the factors behind the new attempts  by Boko Haram to relaunch themselves in Nigeria after recent annihilation by the Nigerian military .
In an article titled “What If Oil Is the True Ideology of Boko Haram?” Murphy hinted at the possibility of France shoring up Boko Haram, which he said has totally discarded any pretensions to waging its war of terrorism to bring about full implementation of Sharia law.
It further warned the federal government not to be caught napping in reference to similar situations that had happened in Afghanistan and Syria, where interests in oil and gas exploration had been fingered in the instability that engulfed regions. 
“Afghanistan and Syria are warnings it (Nigeria) must pay heed to since things can stay bad for a long time once they are allow to degenerate beyond certain points. The era of thinking it is fighting only Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) backed Boko Haram terrorists is past. These ones are propped up by another sovereign state and this is even more glaring now that the cover of religious fundamentalism no longer holds,“ the article warned.
It questioned questioned the existence of the G5 Sahel Force formed at a conference attended by French President Emmanuel Marcon with leaders of Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad. 
For the writer, “What France has not given up, however, is the obsession for the energy possibility in the Sahel and Sahara. It held a security summit to discuss Boko Haram which resulted in the launch of Sahel Force in June this year. 
“If that force is of any use it was to catalyze the near rebirth of a terrorist group that Nigerian military had decimated to the point of defeat. Nigeria’s militia fighting Boko Haram – the Civilian JTF, Internally Displaced Persons and several survivors of Boko Haram attacks had recounted in the past how they witnessed airdrop of supplies to the terrorists across Nigeria’s borders with francophone neighbors – Cameroon, Chad and Niger. 
“In 2015, eight French nationals were apprehended by Cameroonian forces for fighting on the side of Boko Haram. They were promptly handed over to former colonial master France once the then French Foreign Minister, Mr. Lauren Fabuci, who simply ordered for the transfer of the suspects.  Nothing was heard afterwards by way of trial,” the columnists declared.
According to Murphy, “It is not surprising that Boko Haram fighters that earlier fled into these neighboring Francophone countries have slinked back to renew attacks in Nigeria shortly after the French summit that was supposed to have fashioned a solution to their madness. 
“If the authorities in Nigeria get their homework right they should have observed by now that something has changed. The true intent of Boko Haram is emerging and doing so fast. A pointer to this is the July attack on the team of researchers that went prospecting for petroleum in the Lake Chad Basin area (the name does not signify Chad ownership). 
“A possibility that has not been openly discussed is that the same Francophone trio that have not done enough to combat Boko Haram would easily overrun the planned theocratic state, install a proxy government, stabilize the region and then turn over the real estate to their colonial master, France, for the exploration of crude oil and Uranium to begin in earnest. Advances in fracking technology make oil exploitation viable in this area once commercial quantities are confirmed,” he wrote