Former Commissioner Decries Abandonment Of Banana, Songhi Farm In Ogoni By Wike’s Govt

Former Commissioner Decries Abandonment Of Banana, Songhi Farm In Ogoni By Wike’s Govt
Paul Obiajunwo,Port Harcourt
Former Commissioner for Social Welfare and Rehabilitation, Hon. Joe Poroma who served under the former governor of Rivers State, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has described the abandonment of Banana plantation and Songhai farm in Ogoni as the worst and poorest decision of the present administration.
Poroma spoke yesterday in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital, when politicians in his local government area, Tai, paid him a courtesy visit to declare their support for Amaechi’s leadership in Rivers All Progressive Congress (APC)  
He regretted that the vision Amaechi had for Tai and Ogoni as a whole by introducing Banana plantation Songhai farm  and other agrarian policy were abandoned and killed by the present administration in the state.
He said Songhai and Banana plantation alone employed many youths of the area who were earning a living from their salary, adding that the idea by the present administration to kill these farms had forced many youths into crime.
Poroma said: “ The farm has already been killed by the present administration, also the banana farm is no longer in existence. If you go to banana farm what you will see there is cassava the people has trespass on the land that should have been the future of our youths.
“Those who were working there before are now have constitute  a security threat to the people by involving in  crime and all manner of social vices. Before now, we have over one thousand youths leaving there home everyday to the banana farm to work and expecting income on monthly basis.
“Both the bananas and the Songhai farm were all invested and there was a lot of income being generated for the states but everything has been killed by this present government. Since the source of income has been killed, we can see why crime is everywhere.
On Amaech’s achievement while he was governor Poroma said,   “That was why I stated that Amaechi’s achievement is all over Tai local government.  You can never walk a square mile without seeing the mark of Ameachi’s achievement  
“The schools and health centres  Amaechi built in my area are working, the only  thing that will not make it to  function is when  the present government are not paying the doctors because if the doctors are not there the clinics will not function.
On the present saga of loyalty in APC in Rivers State, the former commissioner said what ever happened Amaechi, the present Minister for Transportation remains the man to follow.  
Poroma, an Ogoni son  said he and his party loyalist in his area will continue to remain committed to Amaechi’s leadership vision in the party.
He said: “The issue of leadership of the APC is not in contention, we all know who the leader of APC is and the leader of APC in Rivers State is Ameachi.  Hon. Abe is a friend of Ameachi whatever you’ve heard is an in-house issue. And I think that within the shortest period, it is going to be resolved.
“ One way or the other I don’t think Hon. Abe have the tune to be leader of the APC because that’s not going to work out.  The recent reshuffle of the leadership caucus by the Minister of Transportation will strengthen the party and the reason why it is going to strengthen the party is that every leader wants their followers to be loyal to them.

“I don’t  think Ameachi is against the ambition of anyone, rather what we need to do at this stage is to build a formidable party structure that will be able to withstand the course when the time comes in 2019, as you know the constitution does not permit private candidate”.